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Your subconscious mind is your operating system. Even me as a non-techy type knows that the hard drive of my computer is the operating system. Anything I want to install on my computer, I must first go to the control panel and actively hit the button “install a program”. We also have the button “uninstall a program” on the control panel of our computer. I’m sure all of you reading this blog article have utilized those 2 buttons within the control panel of your computer. But are you aware that your subconscious mind is very easily programmed? Yes it is. Mostly subconscious programs coming from outside yourself are harmful to you, such as the television. The television has become a subconscious mind programmer and most people are completely unaware. Another subconscious programmer is your birth family. What kind of a childhood did you have? Most of us choose our parents and are therefore subconsciously programmed with unhealed ancestral life lessons that we choose to take on and live out/experience. Some of those ancestral unlearned lessons can be extremely painful and cause physical illness as well. Therefore, it is imperative for you to be aware of this information: that you have a subconscious mind and your subconscious mind is programmed, and depending upon what those subconscious programs are – you are creating experiences in your daily life that can be harmful. Let’s look at this fictitious example:

Betty got in touch with me to book a session for her son who was 10 years old at the time. Betty stated that his entire demeanor had changed – from a bright child into a very melancholy one. Betty stated her son was receiving the same grades in school, had the same group of friends, and had some after-school activities. Betty could not put her finger on what had changed for her son and his melancholy demeanor. This melancholy grew to the point Betty was referred to me by another client, for a session for her son. Betty stated she had taken her son to the family pediatrician who recommended medication for depression. Betty stated she did not want to go down that route because of the extensive list of side effects to her son’s physical body.

When I began the intuitive session for Betty’s son, I was met with what felt like a large stone wall. I have to describe to clients what I see and what I feel. This is not always easy as the English language sometimes fails to convey what energy looks like and feels like, but I do the best I can. I asked Betty’s son’s subconscious mind: Who in your life is like a large stone wall? Her son’s subconscious mind answered back: My teacher in school. As a 10 year old, Betty’s son was in Grade 5, which is elementary school. Elementary school teachers are assigned to an entire class all day long. The energy I was picking up from Betty’s son, was actually the energy belonging to this 5th Grade teacher of his.

What does that mean? What this means is the teacher of his class suffers from depression and takes medication for it, which causes her mind to numb. When the mind goes numb, the heart suffers. Betty’s son is a full blown Medium. A Medium is the label we give to spiritually advanced souls who have learned and mastered quite a few life lessons in past lives, and have come to this Earth to help others heal themselves by reading their energy. I advised Betty that her son is a full blown Medium and he is doing what’s called “passive healing” of his 5th Grade teacher. Passively healing others is an extremely toxic thing to do. People passively heal others when they are unaware or unwilling to be themselves.

We then continued this session for her son and began releasing inherited narcissism from her son’s subconscious mind.

Just as we inherit eye color and personality traits, so too do we inherit unhealed traits from ancestors. Someone way back in Betty’s husband’s ancestry was a full-on narcissist. A narcissist is defined as: a self-centered personality. Unchecked narcissistic traits would have eventually set in for Betty’s son if left unhealed, especially in his late teen years, as that is when the ego starts growing due to coming thru familial pain (for most people). We released inherited narcissism during the 1st session and Betty returned to see me with her son in 6 months to begin releasing melancholy, passive healing, etc. During the 2nd session, Betty’s son’s subconscious revealed that he had inherited melancholy also – from that original ancestor – way back on the father’s side of the family who became a narcissist. Many narcissists are fully depressed and hide melancholy very well thru various addictions. Suffice it to say, Betty as the mom, recognized a change in her son’s personality from bright to melancholy. How many of us are paying attention to our children, especially with everything going on in today’s world? Many children are brilliant lights here with an array of gifts and abilities to be used in the upliftment of, healing of, and betterment of all human beings on this Earth. Yet with everything going on in their lives, many are very overwhelmed.

Booking an intuitive energy healing session for your child requires permission from both parents. One or both of the parents must be present while the intuitive session is conducted via Zoom. Even if your child is an infant, intuitive healing can be very beneficial. How does that work with an infant who is not yet verbal? The parent books the session and stands in as proxy for the child. I have done this countless times.

If you are wondering about booking a session for your child, email me with your concerns so I can explain further how this type healing will benefit your child/children.

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