What are your heart’s desires? Do you even allow yourself to think about what it is your heart desires? Chances are you don’t. But why don’t you? One very big reason is the subconscious mind and it’s role in your day to day life. For those of you who have worked with me before, you are well aware of the role the subconscious mind has in creating your daily life. The role of your subconscious mind in your daily life is very large. So large in fact, that its astounding. Why is it that the majority of people only pay attention to one part of themselves….which is their conscious mind and their thoughts. The conscious mind is the human ego. The ego is a program running inside your mind with one goal in mind….to divide and separate you from other people. The ego is adept and skilled at creating drama, victimization, and pain….all of which robs you of a life experience of feeling the emotion of love. So why is the ego so dominant in people today? People have lived before now, which is called a past life. We create a physical body to inhabit during a lifetime and we come to Earth to learn. As a soul, before we incarnate we create soul agreements with other souls usually within our own soul family. These soul agreements can be very painful, especially if we agree to transmute past life karma. If we agree to transmute our non-loving actions towards others in past lives, we require volunteers to help us create the pain, the non-love, that we dished out in a prior life. The ones who step forward to help us with our soul agreement are the souls who love you truly. Where have we heard that expression from… thine enemy. The true meaning of love thine enemy is that the one who stands before you triggering your pain, the one who is involved in your drama of victimization, the one you probably feel hatred towards and/or blame for ruining your life in some way, is the very person who agreed to participate with you in creating your pain so you would be able to release your past life karma. Once people grasp these truths, they then become willing to release it. The ‘not’ releasing it is what causes the energy of past life pain and karma to penetrate into the physical body and create pain, disease, chronic conditions, etc. Life is meant to be lived with certain agreements you must fulfill. We all have what’s called free will choice to stick to our agreements or not. Not sticking to your own soul agreements causes resistance. When we resist life we resist the truth. And the truth is, nobody is a victim. We are all here on Earth at this time to live our lives as heart centered rather than ego.

With all that being said, what are your heart’s desires and what truth are you resisting in your own life? Most people live inside their mind and have separated completely from their hearts. No answers can come to you in that state. In order to return to your heart center, you must release all non-love from within yourself. Releasing non-love means acknowledging your karma and releasing it. Releasing non-love means releasing all self hatred regardless of why it’s within you. Releasing non-love means understanding yourself….how you are made, what you are capable of, and loving yourself for who and what you truly are, which is a very brilliant light who is encased inside a physical body on the Earth in order to release and heal all non-love from within.

How do we do this? We do it by accessing your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a very sophisticated super computer. Whatever is programmed into your subconscious mind, the subconscious becomes a goal-seeking super computer, which means it continually seeks to create whatever is in there. This continual nonstop goal seeking then creates your reality. As an example, if you had a falling out with a loved one in a prior lifetime and thought you were a victim instead of seeking the truth (that you and that soul co-created whatever soul agreement you made to bring non-love within yourself to light) you would be forever stuck inside the space called….I am a victim of so and so. The truth can take lifetimes to penetrate your conscious mind. Who would like to continue repeating the same victimization lifetime after lifetime and endure the pain? Those who resist life do. Those who resist the truth do. Those who hate themselves do. But there is a solution….seek immediate consult with a healer. That’s right, as an intuitive, I am able to connect with your subconscious mind and receive whatever information comes forth, which is the truth. The truth heals and changes your reality. As an intuitive, I have worked with many people who no longer resist loving themselves and they go on to create what their heart desires. Most of us are deeply programmed subconsciously to hate ourselves, whether or not it came from a past life involving karma or we inherited it, absorbed it, etc. The point is you must go within and release all non-love so that you can reside inside your heart center. You will then be able to create what your heart desires.

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