Whatever Is Inside My Energy Field Is Creating My Reality

Well what does this even mean? So many people are looking for ways to heal but have zero clue about their own energy field, which I call their energy body. We all have a physical body and the physical body is surrounded by your energy body. This is why people need to know this fact….because whatever is within your energy body is creating your reality. How many people are aware of this? I never knew it growing up. It was not until a major health crisis, that I became aware of working with the energy body.

Whatever is sitting in your energy body can penetrate into your physical body. When energy affects your physical body, you are then going to have symptoms of any kind. You can also develop disease and illness. So what is stopping you from shifting your perspective about having an energy body and the energy body is primary, over and above your physical body? Well that answer is different for everyone, but a majority of people think it’s not real.

Where does the thought originate that your energy body is not real? By someone else of course. Who? Most likely parents, caregivers, friends, coworkers, etc. How many people comply because they want to stay “in” with others. Alot of people do this – to their own detriment.

Now is the perfect time to have an intuitive energy healing session and find out what sits within your own energy body and begin healing.

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