What The Status Of Your Mind Tells You….

Most of us living in today’s world have been scarred mentally by what we have seen over the past 2+ years although many people won’t admit that. I find it to be true based on the clients I work with as an intuitive. An intuitive person is able to pickup alot about someone else – all based on their energy. Almost like a modern day MRI machine that sees more deeply into the human body than an x-ray does – so too does an intuitive “see” deeply into someone else. An intuitive is able to “see” your energy, feel your energy, and know your energy – and translate it into words. Words are what the conscious mind needs to be able to understand – there must be context that the conscious mind can grasp. So, you could say that an intuitive is someone who has the ability to transcribe energy, or someone who interprets your energy. We have had many opportunities to go thru past Blog Articles I’ve written about how working with an intuitive can benefit you, but many people only compute physical symptoms as a time to work with an intuitive. Physical symptoms are easy because when they present themselves, it’s usually wrapped in pain. Pain is the attention getter. But not quite so for the mind itself. Would you know if your mind is in pain? Do you know if your mind needs rest? Do you know if your mind is addicted or obsessed? Let’s get into this – what the status of your mind tells you.

I have worked with many clients who stated their chief complaint was rapid thoughts escalating into the obsessive range. I have also worked closely with clients who have rather large egos (overwhelming need to be right above all else), and I have also worked with clients who suffer from mental fatigue. All of these symptoms of the mind are created by you because there is something you need to release. How do I know this? From my experiences working with many clients and the clients reporting back to me that their initial symptom/s had dissolved to nothing. Let’s take an example.

A client presented with symptoms of racing thoughts. No matter what she did she could not quiet her mind. Before making an appointment for an intuitive energy healing session, I advised the client to begin journaling out each day what she was thinking about most often. What thoughts was she thinking the majority of her day regardless of whether she was at work, at home, or out and about. Journaling is a self healing tip many clients begin to do, because when we journal and write down what we think – our mind gets to express itself. This can be called a brain dump or mind dump – when we jot down what we are thinking into a journal. I had the client journal each day for 1 week and then email me with any patterns/thoughts she noticed as being nonstop. The client emailed me at the end of 1 week of journaling her thoughts and said her major thought each day, and glaringly so – was that she was unhappy at her job. We then booked her for an intuitive energy healing session and her subconscious indicated her mind was affixed, or fixated, to failure.

The definition of failure is: the condition or fact of being insufficient or falling short. This client’s mind was fixated on falling short. Why? Her subconscious indicated she inherited this trait from both her mother and father’s sides of the family. Going way way back on both sides of the family – there were souls alive within the Egyptian timeline on Earth and elsewhere. It’s like “here one day and gone the next”-type energy. What does this mean? When I was looking at this client’s energy field – I saw the entire civilization was there one day and gone the next. I am not a history buff and have no idea what happened in Egypt during the days of pharaohs and queens. All I can tell you is what I “saw”. And what I saw was the energy of “here one day and gone the next”. This energy felt like – being favored by the rulers one day and then banished by them the next. This is the type of “here one day and gone the next” energy I saw. The client was then given affirmations to cut ties to Egypt, which for her family soul line meant great wealth and power – and then sometime within the lineage – all of it was gone. Why this occurred – well that was not shown to me. Clients only need to tell themselves what they need to know, what is necessary to know, in order to begin healing. As soon as I discussed this with the client, exactly what I saw energetically, she began to cry. The client stated that in her current lifetime, no matter what either of her parents did with careers, neither one was able to live up to and beyond a failure, which was in their DNA. This client had a 6 month processing period after her 1st session and reported back to me that she had altered her job and was now working from home. This client described herself as a team player, however, her energy body required physical distance from others who are also living thru “failure” timelines. Being in the office and physically close to other human beings who also have DNA programmed with “failure”, caused this client’s mind to obsess about failure. All this client had to do was release “failure” energy from her DNA, which she did during her session, and then physically leave her job and begin working from home. She enjoyed her current work and spoke to her boss, who agreed to let her be a distance worker/work from home.

The point of this client session used as an example, is to allow insight into possible reasons – reasons for racing thoughts, reasons for obsessive thoughts, reasons for thoughts of failure that had no reason to exist within this client. Insight is going to be needed as we move forward as a species, so that we can understand – at the root level – what causes people’s mind’s to operate the way they do.

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