What Makes People Stick Their Head In The Sand In Life, called Denial?

Those of you who have worked with me have heard this many times before….denial is a safety mechanism the mind uses to survive. The problem with denial is that people become used to avoiding life and having to take responsibility, and it becomes a possession of sorts. Possess is defined as owning and controlling. Some people allow denial to escalate until it possesses them. Is this you? Would you know if you are in denial or not? Those who reside deep inside their safety mechanism of denial are not interested in the truth. But hearing the truth and healing themselves is exactly what they need. Let’s take a look at our fictitious client Betty.

Betty came to see me complaining that she was a victim of her boss. Betty enjoyed her job very much, but her boss would actively sabotage her, which caused Betty to dislike him strongly. Instead of finding out what was causing her to create this scenario with her boss in the first place, Betty’s mind kicked on a subconscious program she had inherited from both parents called denial. As we go about living our lives, we create life lessons – all centered around our evolving. To evolve is to grow, to expand, to learn, etc. We all agreed, preincarnation, to learn important life lessons. We are all tasked with these lessons throughout life. Life lessons are meant to be mastered, not denied. Betty’s go-to subconscious program was……I am a victim. Betty’s boss volunteered to serve her this life lesson to learn….I am NOT a victim, I am a creator! Yet due to inherited subconscious programs, Betty’s mind, which is the computer, started running the program called denial. Their contentious work relationship escalated with each one visiting Human Resources. Betty stated she was bullied and undermined by her boss, and the boss complained that Betty seemed unstable and unable to handle constructive criticism. The Human Resources team found that Betty was not an asset to the company and eventually she was let go. Betty’s mind became enraged and this is when she decided to see me for a session.

During Betty’s 1st session her subconscious indicated both parents had inherited the subconscious program…..I am a victim, I am not a creator, which is part and parcel of denial. Betty had never heard of inherited epigenetics. Like most of us, Betty thought we inherited our eye color, personality traits, and so on from our parents, but never subconscious programs and unhealed wounds. Yes we do. This subconscoius program she inherited began on both the male and female sides of her family going back many generations to the time on Earth called the Dark Ages. Religious fanaticism raged and one of the subconscious programs installed into mankind via organized religion of the day is called….I am not. This statement – I am not – means you are not______________(fill in your own blank here). Whatever subconscious programs began running or were downloaded into your ancestors gets passed along in the DNA. Programs are just that….thoughts and beliefs programmed into the subconscious mind. The subconscious programs that cause you to be ill, that cause you not to fulfill your mission to Earth…..these are the programs you are tasked with identifying and releasing right now.

As Betty’s session progressed, we began deleting all inherited subconscious programs. This took awhile and at the end of Betty’s session she had become very dizzy from the toxic energy releasing around her head area. Betty needed to get her bare feet onto the Earth immediately following her session with me in order to facilitate the release of massive amounts of toxic mental energy.

Betty returned to see me in 2 weeks for her next session. We began by releasing all thoughts telling Betty ….I am not. This was different for Betty because she recalled many instances at her job where her boss did praise her for projects she worked on, yet felt compelled to sabotage her work in some way. This is called being aware – or – connecting the dots with truth. Betty released every inherited subconscious program ttelling her…..I am not. Betty then began releasing denial, denial that she is, just like the rest of us, pure Divine white light who chose to create a physical body to return to Earth and evolve, called living. After her session to release denial, Betty reported that her strong feelings of dislike for her ex boss were all gone. Betty was able to find another position relatively quickly within the same line of work she had been doing at a nonprofit. Betty went on to support her team at her new job by confiding with them about her own healing. As we heal ourselves, we become valuable teachers to humanity in general. As we share our healing journey with others, we give others the chance to release and heal their own issues. When we have an awareness that surpasses the mind, this is called heart-centered living. Heart-centered living is where humanity is heading.

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