What Is The Reason You Are Unable To Move Forward In Life?……

For those of you who have not worked with me before, many of my clients past and present have reported back to me that their original chief complaints have dissolved, which means they feel better and have moved forward with their lives. Whatever was once preventing them from forward movement, it’s no longer there. Yes, having an intuitive energy healing session can do that for people. One of the biggest reasons preventing people from moving forward in their lives is their own past. That’s right. Whoever you are and whatever you are creating for yourself, you will be unable to move forward unless you release your past. For some people, they need to release a past life and for other people they need to release their current past, which is usually their start in life or their childhood. Many times we are being called upon to go within and heal something because we develop symptoms. Symptoms are the physical body’s way of communicating with you that something has bubbled to the surface to be identified and released. Let’s use our fictional client Betty to describe what happens when your past arises to be healed and when you deny it and resist it, you remain stuck and unable to move forward. I have worked with many clients who have healed themselves from childhood experiences, yet when their subconscious brought up the issue of their childhood, they consciously said….that’s long gone, my childhood is over and done, so it has no bearing on my ___________(fill in the blank). And I get that, I honestly do, but that’s not how it works. Many children have parents who are involved in karmic relationships. The karmic relationships destroy the family, the children retain energy, memories, PTSD, and so on from those types of childhoods, and all of it must be healed so that you can move forward in life.

Betty booked an intuitive energy healing session with me to begin working towards her being able to move forward. Betty was stuck in her life as what she called….a woman lost without purpose. Betty was tired, really tired, of going to the same old job 5 days a week from 8-5pm. Her job did not bring any joy to her and Betty was ready to find out her life purpose. Betty stated that her hobby had always been immersing herself inside her local metaphysical store . Betty bought whatever book stood out to her during her visits there and enjoyed chatting with others about her hobby, which was learning about all things considered metaphysical. Metaphysical is a word often used to describe alternative. Alternative healing methods have been on the upswing because many people are finding out that the current paradigm called healthcare has little to do with your health or your care, and more to do with profits rather than healing.

During Betty’s 1st session with me, her subconscious revealed that Betty is a healer. Her subconscious identified Betty as a healer in a past life. Betty’s soul incarnated now to be a part of the healing of humanity from everything false. Betty’s subconscious indicated her heart had not incarnated with her in this current lifetime because she did not want to heal other people at all. Betty’s subconscious indicated Betty was set up to fail as a healer in a past life because her parents had forbidden her to take up energy healing in a past life. Betty’s parents in her current lifetime were the same 2 souls who were her parents in that past life. The 2 parents had sought to forbid their child from healing other people as a way to keep their child protected from the religions who were growing in power, called fanatical. Many people have been subconsciously programmed in past lives by organized religion. Anyone who healed another back in those days was a person marked for harassment and removal. In that past life, the 2 parents chose to hide their child’s ability to heal another by smothering their child with frantic energy called overprotective. Betty’s subconscious indicated she incarnated as a healer in that past life, but was prevented from being who she truly was because of her parent’s fear for their child’s life, if the child had been exposed as a healer. Betty’s subconscious released that past life experience of being smothered and overprotected by her parents, as well as the emotion of worthlessness. Because Betty’s soul was prevented from healing others in her past life, her mind began to think she was worthless. If you are not living your life purpose, it’s important to find out why not and release it. Betty did, and after her 1st session, she reported feeling less down in the dumps.

During Betty’s 2nd session, her subconscious indicated her current childhood was filled with the same smothering and overprotectiveness from her both parents. Betty was raised to hide and play it safe, take the job because it will get you a steady paycheck, a 401k, and some health benefits. Betty pursued her parent’s desire for her, not her own. This was causing Betty to experience what we call the dark night of the soul, when the soul is surrounded by darkness and it doesn’t know why. This is a good time to see an intuitive energy healer also, if you are experiencing a dark night of the soul. Betty agreed she was living out her parent’s desire for her life, and not living her own life at age 46. Betty thought….it’s better to deal with this now rather than waiting until later in life. Betty released her mind’s addiction to indifference and her mind’s possession by the thought….I give up and let my parents take over my life. Betty also cut cords of energy, mind to mind, to both her parents.

After this Betty saw me for her final session wherein her subconscious indicated the root cause reason for her working a job she has no interest in working as well as zero joy……her mind’s ability to tell her lies. The human mind is your computer and your heart is the programmer of your mind. When the heart is broken, shattered, or not there, your mind is left to its own thoughts to lead you in life. Thoughts from the mind come from fear, whereas the heart knows the truth, called love. Betty had given up all control to her mind and her mind told her lies, such as……you are too old to change…..finish your job and retire with benefits, I am not able to heal anyone let alone make a living doing it. Lies, lies, and more lies. Betty’s subconscious indicated she decided to leave her heart in her favorite place for safekeeping until such time she would be ready to heal herself and then other people. During Betty’s 3rd session, she called her heart back to her and connected it. She returned to living inside her heart and her mind would now be programmed by her heart to create what she truly desired.

Betty reported back to me about a year and a half later that after her 3rd session she enrolled in reiki classes and certified up to Level 3 Master. Betty began conducting reiki sessions and quickly gained a following of clients because of her ability to move out energy. Betty was also now certifying students in reiki as well, which she enjoyed so much that she began providing intuitive healing to many of her students, all of whom carried similar thoughts that they were not healers, they should not heal, and they were also stuck in jobs with no joy, rather than living their purpose. Betty is a classic example of how people heal themselves and then turn around and heal others.

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