What is Intuition?

This newsletter is very important for those of you who are on the fence about intuitive energy healing, or using an intuitive to help you heal yourself. Why? Because knowing what intuition is, how intuitive healing works, will answer your questions that keep you from taking the plunge.

Let’s begin by defining intuition. What is intuition? Intuition is defined as knowing. How does this work, this knowing? When a human being uses other senses besides the 5 you’re taught (sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste) they can be labeled as intuitive. I am able to “know” someone else’s energy. Energy is information. I am able to tell you that information. When you hear that information, you begin the healing process. How? By identifying and then releasing energy that is within and around you, causing you to create a reality you do not want. Whenever someone works with me intuitively, they are ready to learn the life lesson and move on.

So again, how does this benefit you? When you work with me, I am able to “know” the root cause reason(s) for ____________. You fill in that blank. Are you having symptoms, issues, situations, experiences – that you would like to know what the root cause reason is for that/them? In today’s world, who wouldn’t want to know the root cause reason(s) for their physical, mental, emotional symptoms. When you heal a symptom or issue at the root level – it will not repeat – because the lesson has been learned.

You are here on this Earth in a school-like setting where you are faced with challenges, experiences, and situations to “grow your soul”. There are life lessons you are embroiled within, in order to learn something from. Once you learn the lesson, you move on to create a different reality. State these affirmations to begin your journey of self healing, which includes working with an intuitive:

Affirmation: I choose to be whole, not broken. 10x

Affirmation: I am beginning to see that my life experiences are created by myself and I have the power to heal. 10x

Affirmation: I am going to get well. 10x

Affirmation: I have begun identifying and releasing toxic patterns that cause symptoms within me. 10x

Affirmation: I am not going to fail, I am a success. 10x

Affirmation: I have chosen to be who and what I truly am, not a false version of myself. 10x

Those affirmations will most likely dehydrate you, so once you finish stating them – be sure that you hydrate with plenty of water today, and if necessary add some coconut water to your routine.

As people’s symptoms, issues, situations escalate, the more likely they are to seek help. But there is no need to wait that long. Contact me today for an intuitive energy healing session and begin healing yourself.

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