What Happens When We Accumulate Energy Belonging To Other People?

As we go about our daily routines with work, social, home, and physical movement called exercise….we flow. Whenever you notice the flow alternating, it may be a sign that you have begun accumulating too much of other people’s energy. I am not talking about people who we would call energy vampires – or chronic drama. I am speaking about everyday occurrences we call our routine…..altering in flow. Let’s use an example.

The other day I stopped by my local garage for an oil change. I chose to wait in the waiting room while my car was being worked on. A short time later I was back in my car and on my way. On my way, I began to feel a “sinking” feeling, which was definitely a change as far as how I had been feeling. As an intuitive I am readily able to pickup other people’s energy without giving it much thought. This day was no different. I felt the person’s energy who worked the front counter at the garage, and that person was residing inside the past with energy that was a feeling of…..I am sinking. At the time, it’s a realization of someone else’s energy and that’s it. After leaving the garage that sinking feeling that did not belong to me was more noticeable. While sitting inside the waiting room for about 45 minutes, I had accumulated that person’s energy within my own energy body.

Many people are highly in tune with themselves yet pay no attention to the fact that they are accumulating energy from other people. It’s best to care for your energy body each day exactly as you would your physical body. Many people go to the gym, run, do yoga, and pay attention to their physical fitness very carefully, which is fantastic. But they fall short when it comes to the health of their own energy body, in part because none of us are taught that we are multidimensional beings. Yes we have a physical body but we also have an energy body, equipped with chakras, which are the energy centers that draw in universal life force energy/chi and expel energy also. We automatically expel energy belonging to other people without even thinking about it. But sometimes we are not sufficiently caring for our energy body, and other people’s energy can and does accumulate.

What are the ways you can discharge other people’s energy when you feel it’s accumulated? By grounding your bare feet on the Earth. This is simple and free, which should appeal to most. The bottom of the feet contain chakras too, and Earthing allows energy to drain out from the bottom of the bare feet into the Earth. Earthing is called grounding and it’s definitely worth it to research this in detail and read about the benefits.

Another way to remove accumulated energy inside your own energy body that belongs to other people, is to sage yourself. Any dry sage usually does the trick and provides instant removal of energy. Spray sage is also beneficial and because I am constantly connecting to other people and coming into contact with their energy, I have multiple spray sage bottles in my briefcase. I use Cedar Sage spray for removing heavy energy. I use White Sage spray for really heavy mental energy. Spray sage is not a cosmetic and care should be taken not to get it on your skin. I usually spray the sage upwards and close my eyes while allowing the sage mist to hit me from above. Dry sage is way more potent than spray sage, at least it is for me. I also use the spray mist called Protection Spray. All of these sprays are sold at The Spiral Circle. Protection Spray is an additional form of protection when working with clients. The human heart is part of the energy body also, because it’s magnetic and electric. Care should be taken by all healers to avoid accumulating client/patient energies. I find using Protection Spray on my heart works wonders. Lets face it, people contacting healers for help are carrying around intense energy that can accumulate within the healer’s energy body, all of which must be routinely cleansed without fail. Failure to release accumulated energy belonging to other people – regardless of whether you heal others for a living or not, is something that will catch up to you sooner or later. This means it’s best for everyone….healer or no healer…..to establish a ritual of sorts to care for the health of your energy body. Grounding , drinking lots of water, physical exercise, and sage are a few of the things I do in order to keep my energy body healthy.

For those of you who do not heal other people for a living, you still require some form of removal of other people’s energy. The next time you feel your flow altering in life, ask yourself…..When was the last time I cleansed my energy body? If you can’t remember, it’s time now.

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