What Do My Chakras Have To Do With My Physical Body?

Great question and one that was recently asked of me. When I work with a client, I have access to their subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the hard drive of you. Wouldn’t you like to know what is stored within your own subconscious mind? Whatever is stored within it is creating your reality. So is the condition of your chakras. Chakras are openings that lie along your physical body and connect your physical body and your energy body. Whatever condition your chakras are in – affects your physical body.

I have worked with clients who have physical symptoms they are struggling to get rid of, yet none had been told before – have a look at your chakras. Why? Because we as human beings have gotten so far removed from who we are. What does that mean? It means we have been programmed into believing that others know what’s best for us. Take the current conditions in this world. Who is making the decisions for all of humanity? Is it someone or some entity that has our best interests at heart? Sure doesn’t look that way to me. So why blindly allow your physical body to be placed into the hands of systems that do not have your best interests at heart? Ignorance is one reason. What about truly not knowing what else to do to heal yourself? What about being unaware that your chakra system and the condition of it – affects your physical body. Let’s look at an example, based on my experience working with many different clients. When you understand that you are energy first and foremost, you will be able to shift your perspective from strictly physical – into both physical and energetic.

I had a client come to me complaining of intense headaches that were very random. When the client had a headache, it was extremely painful and the client needed to leave work to go home and lay down in the dark and quiet. This client had been seen by the MD and a neurologist. Many tests were done and there was no answer. This client needed to find out what was causing these intensely painful headaches because too much sick time from work was being used up. This client had run the gamut with attempting to find a physical answer, because none of the physicians seen could provide an answer. This is a point many people arrive at and then don’t know what to do. What you must do is explore every avenue. You are not just a physical body, you are – first and foremost – energy. You can exhaust all physical avenues for explanations, treatments, etc, however, if you do not get to the root cause reason of your physical symptoms, they will continue.

I recommended that this client have a Chakra Assessment & Recommendation Session with me. In this type of a session, I book the client for a specific date and time and connect to the client and look at their chakras. As an intuitive, I have the ability to do this. Why should you have a Chakra Assessment & Recommendation Session with an intuitive? Because the condition of your chakras can and does affect the condition of your physical body.

During this Chakra Assessment Session, I was able to “see” energy sitting around the client’s skull that looked to me to involve their Crown Chakra and a past life beating by a school authority figure. Back in the old days, many teachers inflicted corporal punishment. This client had a past life of being sent to live in a Boarding School, where corporal punishment was used liberally. The old adage: “we will beat you into the person we want you to be”. This went on for many school-age children in the old days. This client was provided with Reiki to move out the energy of: “I am not wanted”, “I am not worthy”, and “I am bad”. This client was also provided affirmations to state in order to exit from a massive timeline still open and affecting her current lifetime/timeline. The energies listed above in quotations, had been circulating around this client’s head area. Depending upon what was going on in the client’s current life, there would be moments where those past life energies would be triggered: “I am not wanted”, “I am not worthy”, and “I am bad”. Once this issue was addressed with a Chakra Assessment & Recommendation Session, the client had a 1 year processing period. A processing period is the linear time required for all that toxic energy to dissolve, drain, and release. After 1 year the client then had a 2nd Chakra Assessment & Recommendation Session, which showed all of that toxic energy originally seen a year prior – was 100% dissolved. This client expressed to me that growing up she had a great dislike for being in any school. Now we know why. This client expressed that her current boss was usually the trigger in her current lifetime, as this boss (authority figure) was demeaning in the way he spoke to all employees. Being spoken to by someone who is demeaning or attempting to demean you, means this behavior has occurred in a prior lifetime. The person demeaning the client in the past life was a headmaster of the boarding school. Weird to think that back in the old days, sending your child to boarding school was looked upon as being affluent and the “thing” to do. Crazy, right? The client reported back around the 11 month mark of the 1 year processing period that she had not experienced any headaches for approximately 2 weeks. As of today, this client reports that the intensely painful headaches have never come back.

These blog articles are meant to provide educational information and assist you in your life, so that you can awaken to ways in which you are made and ways in which you can heal.

The physical body communicates all day long with the energy body. You have an energy body even if you don’t see it and don’t feel it. It’s there. Chakras connect the physical body with the energy body. The physical and energy bodies interface with each other, or communicate. When you have toxic or negative energy sitting within or around any chakra, your physical body will be affected.

Most people have an annual general physical with their MD to assess their general health. Most people go for dental cleanings every 6 months to have their teeth and gums cleaned and assessed in order to keep them in good health. The same thought process must be put towards your energy – your chakra system. Just as we assess our physical body and dental health biannually or annually, get in the habit of having your chakras assessed. Why? Because the condition of your chakras affect your physical body.

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