There are many answers to this question. I am going to start with the #1 reason……your mind. That’s right, the mind is a computer and this computer tells the physical body what to create. If you are reading this and have ever been sick physically, we know it can be devastating to annoying and anywhere in between. Why would your mind/computer tell your physical body to create imbalance? Because your subconscious mind contains something that is imbalanced. Most of us have not heard about the subconscious mind, let alone how important it is.

The conscious mind is the ego. The subconscious mind is hidden from you. Steps must be taken to access your subconscious mind and learn what causes you to create imbalance in your physical body. People live imbalanced lives too. What is within your own subconscious mind causing you to be imbalanced? Chances are, it’s all based on your past. Most of us have souls that have incarnated here now, yet we have lived past lives on this Earth. As you go through your life, you have free will choice to create. Are you creating your life based on fear or love? If you are creating your life based on fear….most likely you are imbalanced. If you create your life with love…..you are balanced. So what’s the difference? Fear causes illness, pain, etc. Love causes homeostasis, which is balance. The human physical body is designed perfectly. When you have something inside your subconscious mind that is fear based, your physical body will alert you to this by creating imbalance, which is sick, ill, pain, etc. The longer you ignore your physical body’s call to go within to release something from your subconscious mind that has probably been sitting there throughout multiple past lives, the more the subconscious mind will tell the body to continue to be imbalanced. As symptoms heap on, you are being called to go to your subconscious mind and release all fear. It’s as simple as that. The hard part is the ego and it’s absolute ownership and control over you. The ego fights to keep itself alive and #1.

The best way to alleviate the ego and it’s thoughts is to quiet yourself via physical exercise such as yoga. Yoga is a sacred practice that the mind and physical body are affected by. If your mind thinks yoga is not for you, disobey your thought and do yoga anyway. Once you have participated in yoga, both the mind and physical body quiet down. That would then be the perfect time for you to engage in asking your subconscious mind….What is causing me to be sick? If you do not receive the answer, book an intuitive energy healing session with me and we will get to the root of it. Leaving the conscious mind will not happen overnight, especially if you have relied on fear in past lives to survive life on Earth. Many systems in place today arose due to the level of humanity residing inside the mind and fear for far too long. The bigger the issue comes with a bigger fall. This means, if your physical body is sick, there are likely multiple reasons coming from your own subconscious mind. The time is now to bring your physical body and your life into balance/homeostasis/wellness by releasing fear from your subconscious mind. This happens in steps and when you are ready to fully heal, you will.

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