What Can The Emotion Code Do For You?

I get emails from potential clients just awakening to energy healing or energy medicine, and many ask – What Can The Emotion Code Do For Me?

I am a certified Emotion Code Practitioner as well as an Intuitive. What this combination allows is this: a broad view of your trapped emotions. Let’s explain.

The Emotion Code is an energy healing modality created by Dr Bradley Nelson. Research this, and read his book called The Emotion Code. This energy healing system created by Dr Nelson allows you to identify and release trapped emotions. What does this even mean? It means that as you go thru life, you feel emotions which can sometimes become trapped within you. Trapped emotions can cause a whole host of symptoms, and not just physical symptoms. Let’s take an example.

A client contacted me inquiring about Emotion Code Sessions I offer. I explained the above information, and suggested she go to Dr Bradley Nelson’s website and research the Emotion Code and read his book. I recommended after she did this, to then book an Emotion Code Session with me. There is alot of information available in his book, and reading it provided this client with the prerequisite she required in order to fully grasp what energy healing does.

Once I connected to this client, without her even giving me any chief complaint at all, I was able to tell that she had trapped emotions sitting around her heart involving betrayal. I followed Dr Nelson’s protocol to release these layers of trapped “betrayal” energy and then proceeded to tell this client that she had a past life experience stuck in her Heart Chakra causing her heart to have difficulty. What difficulty? I felt an irregular heartbeat. Yes, some intuitives can feel physical symptoms when they connect with a client. The client stated during this session that she suffers from the physical diagnosis of mitral valve prolapse. I am not allowed to address physical diagnoses with any client because we have a very closed system of medical in this world right now. Eventually this medical system will crash and something new will take its place. In the meantime, the client acknowledged that her heart diagnosis caused an irregular heartbeat. At this point in the session, the client was in shock. She had never had an MD or licensed medical professional tell her that her physical heart could be impacted by energy sitting within her Heart Chakra. This has got to change. More and more people today want whole health, whole healing, more options, etc. What holds this back from being created, is people complying with the current medical systems instead of being proactive with their own health and wellness. Health and wellness is not the same thing as crisis illness, crisis disease. Health and wellness requires commitment to self, to continually take steps for your own wellbeing/health/wellness. Many people do not want to do this. Many people do not want to take responsibility for their own wellness, and therefore depend upon the current medical systems to keep them going. To those of you reading this who take issue with that statement, here is an affirmation for you to state:

Affirmation: I choose to take responsibility for the physical body I created. 10x

If you have a difficult time stating this affirmation without feeling short of breath, contact me and book an Emotion Code Session. You most likely have trapped emotions within your Crown area (head) that prevent you from taking responsibility for your physical body. Many people have had experiences wherein medical systems took over their body in past lives, causing many in their current lifetime to be afraid to be well and “leave” the medical system.

The client having the Emotion Code Session discussed with me that she had lived thru many perceived instances of betrayal within her family. The client did not need to go into specifics. When you work with an Emotion Code Practitioner, it is not the job of the practitioner to get into that. Most people do not want to regurgitate details they have lived thru that have caused them pain. This is one of the best things about the Emotion Code, in my opinion – is that there is no need to bring up past pain, past hurts, etc. Once a trapped emotion is identified, it is then released following Dr Nelson’s protocol. It can take hours, days, weeks, months, or years for certain trapped emotions to fully drain out. This is called a processing period post session. Processing periods are a time where a client is then tasked with taking better care of themselves. In the case of the client stating she was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse, it was recommended that she contact a holistic therapist, one who was not prescription pad happy, one that would be able to help the client work out past betrayals at a conscious level. Working at a conscious level is not something an intuitive does. This client obviously needed help from a counselor or mental health therapist, to help her understand how and why she was suffering from instances of betrayal by her family.

So what can the Emotion Code do for you? The Emotion Code alleviates trapped energy within you, which then allows your body to heal itself.

Disclaimer: The information contained within this Blog Article is my opinion and not medical fact. Do not take the information presented in this Blog Article as medical fact.

We are living thru a very slippery time in history, a slippery timeline if you will, where the truth is being buried on purpose and those who tell the truth will be censored and persecuted in a myriad of ways. Take whatever information is beneficial to you and leave the rest.

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