What Becomes Of Us Once We Pass Away……

What a question, right? Well, what does become of us for real? Who is able to recall ever having a past life and passing away and then being born as a different person? Many people do, as a matter of fact. How many of you have read the books by Dr. Brian Weiss? I remember reading “Many Lives, Many Masters” years ago and being blown away by Dr. Weiss’ patients. Dr. Weiss’ books are an eye opener for sure but they also tell the story of ourselves. People retain information about their past lives, yet we are never taught this. Why not? Well for one, organized religions preach to people that they are one and done. That’s a start. A false start as far as the information, but a start nonetheless. How many of us have ever heard our parents or family members talk about the soul being eternal, which means it does not die? Probably not many of us.

So what’s the point of living and dying anyway? …….to be in pain, to struggle, to have very limited free time, etc? No, we are all divine light choosing to create a physical body in which to occupy during life on Earth. We have lists so to speak, called Soul Agreements, that we agreed to fulfill before we ever were born. This is called preincarnation. We all have Soul Agreements we came here to live out, experience, and fulfill. As souls, we meet with other souls within our family and we ask so and so to agree to participate with us in our life on Earth. Agreements are made, we are born, and our soul inhabits a physical body. During our lives, we interact with other people who begin to fulfill our Soul Agreements with us. What are Soul Agreements and how do they work?

A Soul Agreement is the same thing as a type of……I give you my word….agreement. An agreement is not a signed contract but very close to it. As human beings we have what’s called Free Will Choice. We may have created a Soul Agreement with another soul preincarnation, but as our lives are lived with Free Will Choice, we may change our minds or put the agreement on hold. Any and all Soul Agreements that are vital to our life will be pushed forward. This means the agreed upon issue is a priority for us to heal within ourselves. Let’s take a basic example of a Soul Agreement and how it works. Let’s use fictitious names such as Betty and Bob to created a fictitious Soul Agreement.

Betty and Bob are husband and wife and were also husband and wife in their past. This means they were male and female physical bodies in the lifetime just prior to their current one. In their last lifetime, those 2 souls fought like cats and dogs because of mutual egos. The ego divides and separates. When those 2 souls passed away and existed in Spirit, they agreed to help one another heal from ego and heal from their past life karma of fighting. Betty agreed to allow Bob’s soul to leave her sometime after they married. Bob and Betty were married for 6 years before divorcing over infidelity on Bob’s part. Bob refused to hear Betty on a daily basis and eventually they had zero communication as a couple. Without communication, there is no relationship. Regardless of marriage, friendship, coworker, or family…..if you do not communicate, you do not have a relationship.

After the divorce Betty continued to be angry at Bob. Betty had a session with me where her subconscious revealed this Soul Agreement with Bob’s soul to release ego and release their past life karma of fighting. Betty was very relieved to have an answer about her contentious relationship with Bob. During Betty’s 1st session her subconscious revealed she had been subconsciously programmed by organized religion, telling her reincarnation is not true. Any subconscious program installed without your authorization should be removed and released because you are not consciously aware that subconscious program is creating your reality. Next, Betty released all past life karma with Bob. Usually when one half of a Soul Agreement releases the issue, the other person is set free from the Soul Agreement.

Next, Betty released her ego. Her ego, as with all of us, is the overwhelming need to be right. The overwhelming need to be right can cause human beings extreme separation. What are you holding onto that you are unwilling to admit you are wrong about? Letting go of all thoughts telling you that you are always right about something or someone is huge. Some people are sacrificing their life to remain right. What does that mean? It means they will fight tooth and nail to remain in the right, rather than allowing their heart to tell them the truth. The truth is always…….whatever or whomever spurs your ego to erupt……they are always right and you are wrong. Dig deep and release it all. Betty full released her ego but Bob did not. Betty was now living life from inside her heart center which allowed her to be in the present moment. You cannot create what you desire in life unless you are living inside the present moment. All it takes to heal is for you to be willing to.

Betty and Bob give us insight. Whenever we gain insight into something, we come from a place of awareness. We cannot change or heal that which we are not aware of. I recommend reading Dr. Brian Weiss’ book…..Many Lives, Many Masters. This book details what happens to us once we pass away. Dr. Weiss uses actual patient sessions in that book, which is a real eye opener for those of us who have no knowledge of what becomes of us once we pass away. Living your life is what you are here to do as a soul encased inside your physical body. All that you learn while alive allows your soul to evolve and that is really what life is about, not what we are told as far as life being work, being busy, and doing doing doing.

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