This is a followup to my Newsletter dated 9/11. All fear is untruth. There are those of us who have no clue, no idea, that we operate based upon what’s contained inside our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is part of our operating system. Your computer/laptop has an operating system that you program, and it does what you ask for. The subconscious mind is an operating system that has been programmed without your authorization to take away your power. Let’s use our fictitious client Betty to explain how an unauthorized subconscious program takes hold.

Betty arrived to her session with me very late. She apologized profusely and stated traffic delays were terrible. That morning, Betty described her chief complaint (reason for seeing me) as self sabotage. Betty stated she tried to create peace in her life by taking the easy way out her entire life. In middle age, Betty felt this “living in chronic self sabotage” was causing her two feet to be in pain – something called – unable to walk without being in pain – enough that she sought a medical opinion and was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. Physical therapy was helping, but the degree of spike-type pain in her foot, particularly the right foot, was unabated. Betty sought me out as an intuitive to get to the root of the right foot pain as well as a life of self sabotaging – her words exactly.

Betty’s subconscious revealed she had lived a past life where her family, particularly her father, were considered fervently religious. Back then, religious fervor gripped the world and those involved in daily prayers – words written by someone other than themselves – were the cause of Betty’s current issues. When we recite prayers – written by others – do we really know that we are affirming as truth what we are reciting? Betty had been – in that past life – reciting the words – I am a sinner – so often, that her subconscious mind created a program called – I am a sinner.

Think of this logically – your mind is a sophisticated computer and very very powerful. Whatever is programmed into your subconscious, your subconscious is a super goal-seeking computer, seeking to create that program – I am a sinner – 24/7, without you consciously being aware of this. It’s no wonder Betty lived a life filled with self sabotage. Her subconscious mind had a program running inside it from organized religion in a past life telling her she is a sinner. Sinners do not have the right to life (sabotage self) and need to seek redemption outside themselves (from another more powerful than you and/or institution) – absolute bullshit people!

You are created as an extremely powerful light made of pure love. You are here living life with your soul encased inside your physical body living/experiencing. What your life looks like and what you experience varies from person to person. Everyone has past life karma to transmute, which means live out that which you acted like/spoke like in a past life that harmed another, until you learn the lesson – we are all created equal. Some of us have our lives go awry because we are deviating from our path. As souls, before we enter into our current physical body, we make Soul Agreements – agreements to fulfill promises, vows, etc. If we deviate, we create a situation in our lives to get ourselves back on track.

Betty’s right foot was attached to her current father’s mind with a cord of energy. Her father in this current lifetime, lives as what we would call a religious fanatic – quoting scripture yet living a lie. Many involved in telling others what to do while using the words of the Creator often do it because they themselves are quote-unquote “programmed as a sinner” who has no right to life. Sinners often mask their deep subconscious programming by becoming involved in religious institutions and preaching to others about redemption. Betty’s redemption is her own self – not another person or an institution. The cord was cut affecting Betty’s right foot and all pain dissolved to zero.

The next time I saw Betty she released the hidden subconscious program from organized religion installed subconsciously without her conscious authorization in a past life. Although living in the linear year of 2019, her subconscious mind was still creating for her the experience called – I am a sinner.

If any of you have any inkling of programs running causing you to self sabotage, you may or may not have unauthorized subconscious thoughts that never willingly originated from you. Sounds trippy and indeed it is. Start researching the subconscious mind. Unauthorized means you do not consciously allow. Betty never consciously agreed to devolve and disempower herself in that past life. She never consciously thought about what she was saying at all, except her mother would bring her to religious services in a past life and she repeated prayers over and over each week. The subconscious mind is very easily programmable. It is programmed without your authorization also. If you were told consciously that a prayer is an affirmation and your subconscious will be programmed like a computer with whatever you are praying/stating/affirming, would you still do it? Programming yourself consciously that you are a sinner will diminish your inner light and possibly snuff it out altogether. It is neither my recommendation nor fact that Betty’s situation is your situation. This Newsletter is a teachable article.

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