Living with stress is a part of daily life for many people on Earth today. The stress comes from everywhere – the home, the workplace, society, etc. What about the stress you are creating for yourself? Do you think that stress is all external and happens to you rather than the fact that you are creating it? Most people are unaware of the truth, which is, we are all creating our own reality. And yes, the reality we create causes untold stress. We have talked in past newsletters about jobs. Many people are in a job to pay bills, yet they do not enjoy their job at all. So what would cause someone to work in a job they do not enjoy aside from having to pay bills?

Let’s look at an example of how a person creates their reality. Let’s use a fictitious scenario. We have a person called Gertrude. She works at a store as a cashier. Pick any store you want to and visualize our Gertrude working there. Gertrude doesn’t enjoy her job because she is forced by management to go above and beyond her job description every single day. Being hired as a cashier is her job, yet each day management forces each cashier to sell credit cards to customers as they cash out at the register. Management also forces Gertrude to upsell to each person she cashes out. This stress is tremendous for Gertrude because she has quotas to meet for the credit cards and upselling. Gertrude does not make any commission for quotas met/exceeded, nor does she receive any incentive or bonus for meeting/exceeding management’s quotas. Gertrude feels like she is being used and is unhappy. But what is really going on here? Let’s look at the bigger picture.

Gertrude has inherited an addiction to work. She also has a wall around her heart, which has caused her heart to be unable to communicate with her. Gertrude has given away her power to her mind to keep her going. The mind is not the seat of our intelligence, the heart is. So we see Gertrude has a list of reasons that are causing her to create a reality she does not enjoy. She is creating her reality based on what is within her subconscious mind. Gertrude’s subconscious mind (just like ours) is a goal-seeking, archival, super computer. Everything within her/our subconscious mind is creating her/our reality. It’s like existing on autopilot rather than living. Take out Gertrude’s story and insert your own. What is causing you stress in your daily life? Are you aware that you are creating this because of what is within your subconscious mind?

Let’s get back to Gertrude…..she experienced emotions early in her life which caused her to create a wall around her heart. This is called a Heart Wall. A wall is a wall regardless of whether you see it with your physical eyes or not. This wall prevented Gertrude from being able to access her own heart. Without access to her own heart, Gertrude created this job she did not enjoy. Our heart is the seat of our intelligence and the truth. We can all access our heart and be guided by it. When we do not live our lives guided by our heart, we will then be guided by our mind. This begins with little notice. As our lives go on, this can become a very difficult issue to confront – living as a human being guided by the mind. The issue of being guided by the mind is that the mind is incapable of guiding you. Gertrude’s mind has no idea what is driving her decisions that have created this job she does not enjoy.

When I worked with Gertrude as an intuitive, I was able to pick up various reasons causing her stress, one of which was an inherited addiction to work. This is called a workaholic. Whenever our hearts are separated, walled off, in pain, bereft, etc, the heart is no longer giving and receiving love. The heart creates addictions of all kinds in order to receive something, anything. Most addictions are harmful whether it’s the well-known addictions of alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs, food – you name it – even addiction to living inside your own mind. We all have addictions. Those of us that have addictions definitely require a releasing of whatever caused that addiction to start. So now Gertrude has an addiction to work – she inherited this from her family. Gertrude comes from a family that is addicted to work because of the heart being unable to guide their lives. Gertrude keeps busy at her job, which satisfies the addiction to work. Once we identified and released the addiction to work, we moved on to releasing the various walls around her heart. After that we were able to take all her power back from her mind and place her heart in the seat of power. Gertrude was able to now make decisions and choices for herself, her life, her livelihood, based on her heart, and not her mind.

This is an example of our own subconscious mind creating stress in our lives – creating our own reality based on what is inside of us. We create stress because there is something, or many things, within us that we must identify, release, and heal. Identifying our stressors is the first step towards addressing them and removing them from our life. Without being proactive, stress is likely to cause mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. Any and all steps we take to reduce or eliminate stress from our lives has profound effects. Releasing everything that is causing you stress is a vital step to your health.

When we choose to heal ourselves on the inside, what we create on the outside becomes what we truly desire.

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