Most of us have not been taught about wellness, however, now is a great time to learn about wellness. We currently have a system called “healthcare”, which is made of entirely physical care and not much else. There is a place for everything, so physical care is very important yes, however, what are the origins of your being unwell? What is the root cause of you being unwell? Many people have been conditioned out of questioning this. Many people have been programmed away from who they are. Who you are is a soul inhabiting a physical body while you are alive experiencing life itself. Your physical body is then encased inside your energy body, or energy field. Therefore, you have many layers – 3 of which are your soul, your physical body, and then your outer layer – your energy body. In order to maintain wellness – you must treat your symptoms at the root level. Let’s look at our fictional client named Betty, so I can explain this more in depth.

Betty arrived to her appointment complaining of intermittent spike-type pain in her left ankle. Betty stated she had been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and whatever exercises and medications prescribed – nothing diminished this pain. Betty was not overweight and was a yogi. Betty stated she had never previously injured her left ankle, and the pain had been more consistent lately. She wanted relief from pain, which is what causes many people to seek energy healing – because nothing else physical is working/has worked.

What happens when people book an appointment with me as the intuitive – is their energy starts to shift/release. Sometimes when we begin releasing energy from within our energy body, we can feel it. Yes, Betty’s left ankle is in physical pain, however there is no physical answer to stop the pain. Therefore, Betty has energy sitting around her left ankle within her energy body that is causing this pain.

Remember – your energy body surrounds your physical body and permeates thru it. Whatever you have sitting inside your energy body can go on to penetrate into your physical body and effect it (symptoms).

During her session, Betty’s subconscious revealed that in a past life her left foot stepped into energy belonging to a past civilization that was still “living” – or what we would call – residual energy. Many times people visit historic sites such as Stonehenge or any other historic sites across this globe – and have experiences. These experiences are feeling energy belonging to another civilization – their residual energy that is still alive, still there. This residual energy touched her left foot chakra and travelled up thru it. The energy that filled her left foot chakra, and was now affecting her left ankle in her current lifetime – was sorrow. The emotion of sorrow is defined as: regret, mental suffering caused by loss. Betty’s soul in a past life, had been near to the Coliseum in Rome, Italy and came in contact with the energy of “sorrow” which was still alive within and around that historical site. Like attracts like, and as Betty’s session continued, her subconscious revealed that her soul had in fact lived near Rome in a past life and experienced the collapse of her society as Rome rampaged across the continent and its power was absolute. Betty had a karmic relationship with sorrow as well as the “picking up of” or absorbing of residual energy near that historical site. As we released each issue, Betty reported back that the pain in her left ankle had completely dissolved to zero and remained that way. This is not an example to tell people who are experiencing left ankle pain that this is why. No, each and every one of us is an individual and we retain toxic energies or absorb toxic energies that mirror our own issues.

In order to maintain wellness on an ongoing basis – checking in with your energy body to find out what lies within it and what needs to be released – is imperative. The energy body (outer layer) and your physical body interact/interface with one another, even though we are not taught this. You cannot have physical wellness without having energy body wellness. We are indeed very much like the nesting dolls in this picture – we are multilayered/multidimensional. You are a soul inhabiting a physical body while experiencing life and your energy body is a blueprint of your physical body. Anything affecting your energy body can also affect your physical body. We are not taught this. The time is now to create wellness by assessing your energy body.

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