We Are On A Spiritual Path

What do those words mean to you: we are on a spiritual path? Anything? Nothing? Something? Not sure? Let’s delve into what I mean here.

Each of us is a soul inhabiting a physical body on this Earth at this time. We also have an energy body. We are not taught this at all, and it is almost intentional (to me anyway). Because if you were aware of how you are truly made, how you truly operate – then you would acknowledge that you are on a Spiritual Path 100%. Your entire life is your spiritual path. Yes, sometimes the path may deviate, sometimes the path becomes like a broken road, sometimes there are forks in the road/path, however, the bottom line is that we are all here living our lives on a Spiritual Path whether you think it’s true or not.

A spiritual path is something that you are on. What does your spiritual path look like? Challenges. Challenges come in the form of subconscious programs running in your subconscious mind that are creating your reality. Challenges are past life karmic situations you are re-creating to balance out/heal. Challenges are physical symptoms, illness, and diseases you are creating in order to heal something within your energy body (become aware of your energy body). Challenges are not punishments – challenges are being created by us (and co-created with others) in order to learn life lessons and self heal.

Self healing is something alot of people say is “not possible”. Many saying “not possible” are those who are deeply entrenched in fear and terror subconscious programs – i.e. do not buck the system. Newsflash: you are here to buck all systems! What does that mean? It means that you are living your life, you are on a spiritual path, and you are here to evolve. As you evolve, those around you evolve (learn/grow). As all of humanity evolves, the world becomes a better place for all, not just for some.

How do you self heal? You acknowledge that you are here on a spiritual path and begin self healing by understanding how you are made, how you function, etc. Here is a very simple explanation of that:

You are primarily energy. As energy you discuss creating a physical body to inhabit. As energy you make Soul Agreements with others and self, in order to co-create and create life lessons you need to learn/master. Once mastered, certain life lessons are not repeated, are not re-created. For many clients that I have worked with, they have said there are certain experiences they have created and co-created in their lives that they never ever want to have to go thru again. As energy, you then filter down into a physical body, and begin your new life here on Earth. Your subconscious mind is triggered to begin creating the life situations and life experiences you need to learn from. This involves Soul Agreements, past life karma, subconscious programs, and much more. The situations, events, and experiences going on in your life on every level – stem from what lurks within you. Are you aware of this? Self healing means you are able to access what lies within you and release it. Who wouldn’t want to do this? Many. Why? Because it is difficult for most human beings to take responsibility. Why? Conditioning. Where does this conditioning come from? Outside of yourself. What does that mean? This means that you have been conditioned during past life experiences to behave this way – not take responsibility. Not taking responsibility means you do not acknowledge that you are alive now on a spiritual path.

Spiritual paths are learning opportunities that are vital to your evolving as a person, as a soul, and to expand your heart.

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