Trapped Emotions and your Gut Health

Many times people face gut health issues in today’s day and age due to the degraded condition of agricultural farming. Degraded foods lead to degraded gut health. Many people “clean up” their diet and make changes, such as eating all organic, avoiding chemicals in foods, which is becoming harder and harder to do because of false labeling being condoned. People today are struggling to get their gut health back into an optimum place. While making changes to our food intake is #1 for most people with great results, what about those of you who have perfected your food intake, yet still struggle with gut health? Let’s take this example:

Betty stated she was mid 50’s and was basically a full vegan – using some dairy, i.e. butter, eggs. Betty said her gut health issues improved vastly once she went to an integrated physicians office locally and worked with a Certified Nutritionist. The nutritionist was the key to unlocking better food choices for Betty. All of her prior gut complaints dissolved after Betty changed her diet. Betty came to me for a session to find out why she was unable to lose her gut weight, or spare tire. Betty exhausted all physical avenues for attempting to lose the gut weight she put on during a crisis period in her life.

Once I connected to Betty’s subconscious mind during her session, the subconscious mind indicated Betty lived in a fight or flight cycle 24/7/365 ever since her crisis period in her life (the death of a loved one). Living in fight or flight for prolonged periods of time crashes the function of your entire Chakra System – even the higher chakras. Living inside the energy of fight or flight causes your immune system to short circuit, shut off, not work. Betty had Trapped Emotions around her gut area – located in front and back of her body – of grief, heartache, loss, disgust, guilt, terror and many more. I then began removing each of these destructive Trapped Emotions from Betty’s energy field one by one.

Next, Betty’s subconscious indicated after experiencing the loss of income due to loss of her job (which many people are in the midst of in our economy right now), she had a major Trapped Emotion circulating up and down her spine of vulnerability. Vulnerability is defined as: the quality or state of having little resistance to some outside agent, defenseless, weakness, susceptibility to harm or attack.

In my experience as a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, when I see a Trapped Emotion as circulating – or moving – it is extremely extremely toxic. Our spinal cord is primitively like a phone cord from the old days. The brain is your computer and it sends electrical impulses (messages) down the spinal cord and the spinal cord sends/delivers messages to your physical body. Yes, this is a very primitive way to explain the process, yet I find simple ideas can be grasped by more people rather than detailed scientific explanations.

Seeing the energy of vulnerability running up and down Betty’s spine tells me that from the moment she feels loss, she identifies with being vulnerable. Once the computer of you – which is your mind – begins to think: “I’m vulnerable” – that message/energy grows larger and larger. In response to the energy circulating called vulnerability, Betty’s body then packs on pounds, or that spare tire around the gut, to fortify or wall off the heart. People who suffer losses of any kind – a loved one, loss of a job, loss of their comfort zone – become vulnerable – or enter inside the energy of being susceptible to pain. The body packs on pounds to keep you safe – building a physical wall around your body – the spare tire of the gut. Therefore, the removal of the Trapped Emotion vulnerability had to be released. We did this during Betty’s 2nd session. After her 2nd session she had a 9-month processing period during which she reported an increase in her income, a better job, more happiness in her life overall. This is just one example of how energy healing work goes to the root cause. Once you identify and release the root cause, the body will heal. Betty’s example is brief here, and more sessions were required before her gut/spare tire had dissolved.

For those of you struggling with weight issues, especially gut health/spare tires – ask these questions each week and journal out your answers:

Who have I given my power away to?

Why have I put anyone else ahead of me?

How can I heal my gut health with foods?

Then research food for health, i.e. what foods heal certain physical issues. Contact a Licensed Registered Nutritionist for help. Contact me for an Emotion Code session and an Intuitive Energy Healing session.

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