Have you ever wondered about your purpose? Many of us have no clue what our purpose in life is. Aside from a job or a work experience – what are you really here for? One of the purposes we are all here for is to learn how to love ourselves. Wow, I bet you weren’t expecting that!

Loving ourselves is a primary purpose that each of us is here to learn. The purpose of learning to love ourselves is steeped in life changing lessons to master. What are some of those lessons?

Have you ever experienced the loss of a loved one? Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult lessons to learn about because we have been conditioned to think that person is gone. When in all reality, the person has left their physical body and no longer resides in our physical world, but they remain a part of it as a spirit. When we suffer the loss of a loved one, many people go through separation that feels so painful that they stop loving themselves. This can take the form of creating addictions of any kind in order to stop the pain. Addictions cause self-harm and are definitely not self-love.

Another potential life changing lesson is to experience the shattering of your heart. What causes the heart to shatter? Most times it is caused by some sort of feeling of abandonment. Have you ever been abandoned through the passing of a loved one?, have you ever been abandoned by family because you changed?, have you ever been abandoned by a spouse or significant other?, have you ever been abandoned by your own self? Abandoning yourself means that you have left yourself and you live in some sort of denial. All forms of abandonment causes the human heart to shatter. Once the heart shatters, the mind steps in to lead your life. I have discussed this with clients many times – the mind is an unqualified job applicant. The mind was never designed to lead your life – only the human heart can do that. There are so many people living on this planet that require the healing of their heart. These people live in a reality that was created by their mind. The mind cannot love, only the heart can. If you have lived inside your mind for a long time, you probably suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is a symptom that the mind creates to communicate with you that you’re living inside your mind, when you should be living inside your heart. This is an example of how people abandon themselves.

Another life changing lesson is the beginning of your own self-awareness. Usually people become aware of themselves when they find themselves in situations they wish were different. People create situations in order to learn very valuable lessons. Somewhere along the way, people are taught to listen to their mind tell them they are a victim. When in reality this person is being presented with a situation to go within and heal themselves. That’s right – heal themselves. What we create in our lives is our very own doing. Yes, we draw in people, places, things, and situations to assist us in creating a particular reality, but ultimately the life lesson is up to us to learn and master. This requires awareness. People with a low level of awareness will sit in a situation and stagnate. Their physical body will repeatedly provide them with symptoms, desperately trying to get their attention. When a person pays attention to their physical symptoms and goes within to heal, this is called self-awareness – when we take the step and go within to heal.

In order to heal any issue you’re creating, you must become self-aware. Here are some affirmations that will assist you to do just that:

Affirmation: “I choose to hear my heart.” state this 5x in a row

Affirmation: “I hear my heart.” 5x

Affirmation: “I have heard my heart.” 5x

Now let’s go back to your purpose – your purpose is to love yourself first and foremost. In order to love yourself you must be willing to hear the truth from your heart. If your heart is shattered and you’re living inside your mind, chances are the only thing you hear is your mind’s incessant chatter, which is called thoughts. Thoughts are like riding in circles on a merry-go-round to nowhere. Your source for truth is your own heart. Here are some affirmations that will assist you to hear your heart:

Afffirmation: “I choose to heal my heart from every memory.” 5x

Affirmation: “I have removed every memory that is causing my heart to remain in the past.” 5x

And now we have arrived at your purpose, which is to love yourself. Each and every one of us has incarnated to a planet that is rapidly changing. The changes occurring have to do with the amount of light coming in from other places in this universe. Light is energy and the energies are rising at this time. This means all energies that are considered lower, dark, or evil are being shown to us.

In order for people to absorb the incoming light, they must release all lower energies from their own selves. This means they must go within and release any and all issues causing them to not love themselves. In order for the people of earth to heal, we must each heal ourselves by going within. Going within allows you to heal your issue at the root level. This means, whatever is causing you to create a reality wherein you do not love yourself, you most definitely can create a different reality. The time is now to do this, to heal, to love yourself.

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