At some point in all our lives we have run out of gas. When our cars run out of gas, it’s usually at the most inopportune times, because we have to get somewhere, be somewhere. What are the ways that you are allowing your own self to “run out of gas”? Are you a work-aholic? Are you unable to sleep at night because you are a thought-aholic? Do you take steps to minimize your stress each day? Answering yes to any of those questions is a great start, but in truth….you are the cause of your own stress by resisting. When does resisting lead to stress? Always. Any resistance to the truth causes stress. Let’s take a look at our fictional client Betty and see how living inside resistance causes friction, inflammation, pain, and stress.

Betty arrives to her session late because her car had run out of gas. Betty arrived flustered and stressed. Because I allow extra time for my clients, I reassured Betty she had nothing to worry about. We began the session by discussing what Betty was looking to heal at the root level, which she said was her relationship with her mother. Betty described her relationship with her mother like living with a dictator. Betty stated her entire life her mother adopted the attitude of….I am always right. Most children respect their parents and rightly so. Betty did, but stated she often felt intimidated by her mother, especially when Betty began creating her own life. Betty’s mother disagreed with many of Betty’s choices in life including her chosen field of study in college, her career choice, her husband, and most of all her parenting skills to her own children. Betty stated that her husband always told her throughout their relationship….let your mother be and you be yourself. Betty stated she often tried that, but it just didn’t work. Betty was looking to heal herself from a relationship with her mother she called….a one way street.

Many times in life we encounter relationships that we can easily label – such as – a one way street which is all give and no receive. Or we can relate when someone describes a relationship as a brick wall, or another label – this is impossible. Betty described her relationship with her mother as a one way street interspersed with situations bordering on total dominance. Looking at our relationships is often best done from a higher perspective. A higher perspective comes from the heart, not thoughts. The thoughts about relationships are steeped with labels which are judgments as well as hefty blame, all of which are not a higher perspective at all. A higher perspective is going to come from your heart as well as your subconscious mind. The human subconscious mind is a hard drive. Your hard drive stores everything in it about you. For every relationship you have had that you would label/judge, would you like to know what the real true meaning of that relationship is all about? Unfortunately for most people, they do not want to know because that would mean they are not a victim. People become addicted to living as a victim. Beyond an addiction lies a very dark place where they become obsessed with living as a victim. Victim consciousness is on its way out for humanity. Been there, done that. It’s time to look at your relationships from a higher perspective.

Once I connected to Betty, her subconscious indicated that in a distant past life Betty’s soul was the spouse of her mother’s soul. For those of you who are tripping out on that message, I recommend that you read Dr. Brian Weiss’ book called “Many Lives, Many Masters”. I will not go further into it, other than to say we have all had relationships with other souls using different physical bodies and categories, such as husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc, etc.

Betty was stunned to hear this information from her own subconscious. Hearing that truth allowed Betty a glimpse into “higher perspective”. Betty then released all emotions causing her to live with fear of her mother, one of which was a big one…..self hatred. As a child, Betty’s mother tended to think of herself first. Betty’s mother had her own issues with her mind telling her she was always right, etc. Betty began to think and feel hatred of herself because she was always wrong, according to her mother. The slipping away of her self esteem over the years was also released. Betty’s subconscious advised her to see a past life regression therapist to further her subconscious mind’s statement about her relationship with her mother’s soul.

Oftentimes we carry into our present life, experiences of past lives with familial souls, yet we are not taught this in school. Many traditions have taken the place of absolute truth when it comes to relationships, especially ones within soul family groups. The truth is, we take on various roles in each others lives in order to assist the healing of self. Many people today are living stuck inside false thoughts about their relationships with others and the false thoughts are what separates, divides, and conquers the human heart. It doesn’t have to be this way. Step one is to look at your relationships and ask yourself one question….Is this relationship causing me any pain? If the answer is yes, Step 2 is to book an intuitive energy healing session with me and find out from your own higher self (the subconscious mind)…What is this relationship all about? What is this person serving me that I need to heal within myself? These potent questions have answers and the answers will free you from your mind’s thoughts, which are false.

As a society, human beings are evolving out of the mind altogether and heading into the heart center. Those who continue to allow their mind to rule over them will be in for a rude awakening as we move forward in our lives. This rude awakening will be the presence of the energy within and around us, called True Love.

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