Why is it that some people choose to create illness and disease while other people do not? Let me take you through my journey as a healer. I began years ago as a licensed massage therapist working in various chiropractic offices. During my years as a physical healer, I would encounter patients in pain. Pain is the number one attention getter. There is no doubt about it, pain causes us to snap back to reality in an instant. Nothing else can affect a human being the way pain does.

Working with patients every day, I would see patients follow along with the doctor’s treatment plan. When the patients had completed the treatment plan and were sent for follow-up MRI’s and x-rays, most patients were cleared from a physical standpoint. This means that they were now structurally sound and the soft tissue issues were also corrected. Yet many patients would report that their pain level was still just as high as when they began the treatment plan. Do you ever wonder how that can be? Has that ever been you? I saw this all the time and it caused me to pursue other causes for their pain.

In my research I found that a person’s energy field (which surrounds the physical body), is a vital component that is woefully lacking of the necessary attention it deserves. As a human being, our energy field and physical body interface with each other. This means that any imbalance in the energy field can severely affect the physical body. All imbalances must be corrected for total wellness and healing.

What are some of the imbalances within our energy fields? Imbalances are trapped emotions, heart walls, inherited patterns of dysfunction such as addictions, various safety mechanisms created by the mind in order to survive, such as denial. All imbalances must be cleared from within the energy field and this clearing/releasing then affects the physical body, allowing it to heal itself.

While researching the energy field I became a certified Reiki practitioner and a certified Emotion Code Practitioner. As I worked within client’s energy fields, I became aware of my intuition, which I describe as a knowing. My intuition has become the lead factor in all my energy work with clients. Clients describe their sessions with me as being able to speak to their higher selves, with me as the interpreter. This means that the clients’ higher self is providing me with the answers of what they need to release in order to heal. My intuition provides clients with the information contained within themselves, and this information is required in order to heal.

So, if you were able to have a conversation with yourself, your higher self (which knows everything about you and knows everything you require to heal), would you have that conversation? As I have stated in other newsletters, there is a new paradigm being brought to us and it is happening now. This new paradigm is replacing the old, ineffective paradigms that perpetuate sick care for profit. Energy medicine is one of the paradigms that is expanding and growing across the globe. Many people are looking for alternatives to traditional paradigms because they are not getting well and in some cases they get sicker. Our lives will forever change once we begin to release what we have trapped and stored within our energy fields.

I have encountered clients from all around the globe from many different countries and cultures. The one common theme most clients contact me for, is help with some form of pain. This pain can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual pain. I am able to connect with clients and intuitively know what is causing their pain. Again, this is like having a conversation with your higher self. The conscious mind of a human being does not know much. The conscious mind can think, make decisions, listen, and memorize things. It is really only 10% or less of your intelligence. The other 90% of your intelligence is your subconscious, which knows everything about you. As an intuitive, I can hear and obtain the information from your subconscious, and I pass on this information to your conscious mind. We cannot change/heal what we are unaware of. Once information goes from your subconscious to your conscious mind (via me), you then become aware of the causes of your issues. Once you are made aware of the causes of your issues, we then release it and we also do affirmations.

Allow yourself to come to the decision that you are the most important person in your life. Most people hinder themselves from healing because their level of importance is so low or it is completely nonexistent.

Affirmation: I choose to allow myself to see, feel, think, believe, and know I am important.

Once we realize how important we are, we can then take the next step. The road to healing is one that we all are here to travel on.

Laura DiSarlo, Free Your Heart With Laura

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