The Management of Information

Information is defined as: communication of knowledge.

What knowledge is being provided to you and by whom, that is shaping your current reality? There is much debate about this topic especially over the past 2 years or more, with what we label “big tech” censoring anyone who disagrees with information being broadcast daily. Why Is this Newsletter important to read? Because #1 it brings up this very topic: The Management of Information, #2 how said information is used to control and own you. The word “possess” means to own and control. Therefore, information can be used to own and control your life.

As the world and it’s occupants continue to ascend, or rise in their level of consciousness, it is very clear to many that the time is now to stop allowing information to possess you. When we use the word “possess”, many people my age think back to the horror movie that was groundbreaking at the time of its release – The Exorcist. Well, I am not telling you that you need an exorcism – what I am telling you is how your subconscious mind works (it is very easily programmed) and the fact that information programs your subconscious mind. Reminder: whatever you have programmed into your subconscious mind will be created in your daily life, your daily reality. The war over information, censorship, outright cancel culture, etc, is a red flag that specific information is being sent to you from various means (TV) with the intent to program your subconscious mind. Once programmed, your subconscious mind seeks to create that reality 24/7/365. This is a critical time in human history, to wake up to the fact that you have a subconscious, find out how it works, find out what programs are running within your own subconscious mind, take responsibility for your daily reality, and heal your subconscious mind. How do we do this? Step 1: acknowledge that your subconscious mind creates your reality. Nothing is happening outside of yourself. Your reality is created from within – from your subconscious mind. Therefore, information directed at your subconscious mind from outside yourself, say for example, by the TV news and more – is creating your reality. Many many people today continue stating: when will this all end, when will we go back to normal, why is all of this happening. What I say to clients is this: what is within your subconscious mind causing you and the rest of humanity to create these current realities? And the #1 reason why these realities are created is due to the subconscious mind being programmed to create what we have going on now. Who benefits from the programming of human minds? That’s not an easy question to answer, however, I tell clients to follow the money. That’s always a good start.

Back to you – what information are you being programmed with? Here is a brief example of what I am talking about and how all human beings can be affected and not realize it consciously.

Our fictitious client Betty booked an intuitive energy healing appointment with me. I met with Betty on Zoom and during her session she stated her chief complaint was feeling dizzy and that the world was out of control and getting worse. Once I connected to Betty intuitively, her subconscious indicated she had 2 potent subconscious programs running within, that her subconscious mind was seeking to fulfill 24/7/365. Program #1 had been installed by a major tv news program, which was telling her it was the end of the world. Program #2 came from a podcast she listened to, which was telling her the time of certain religious doctrines was now coming true. Betty’s subconscious had been easily programmed with gloom, doom, and the end of the world-type energy. When in truth the opposite is occurring. Earth is now within a cleansing cycle. Whatever has been created inside “false” (lies) will now be exposed by the light coming to this planet. However, Betty’s subconscious had been programmed with terror. Fear on steroids is terror. With terror, people can also experience horror, panic, shock, trauma and more.

We began deleting these 2 programs within Betty’s subconscious mind and she began a 6-month processing period wherein her subconscious (the higher self) indicated Betty required more time spent with her bare feet on the Earth, which is called grounding or earthing, she also had to stop watching all mainstream tv news, and by the end of 6 months she needed to report back to me and tell me if her symptoms: dizzy, thoughts of an out of control world, etc – were still there, have they decreased any?

After a 6-month processing period Betty reported back that she loved the bare foot grounding homework, and had by now incorporated it into her daily routine. Grounding allows you to remain balanced or within homeostasis. When we are in balance, our mind is in balance also. Grounding your bare feet has astounding benefits to your health and I recommend that you research it.

Betty also indicated she was unable to go cold turkey from mainstream TV news. She stated all the people around her – the people she works with, her family – all watch the TV news and it gave them a source of connection – to stand around the coffee machine at work and commiserate. Betty stated she had stopped watching mainstream TV news for 3 days and she felt like there was a void in her life, although it allowed her to spend more time with her dogs being active. During session #2 Betty’s subconscious indicated she had an addiction to mainstream TV news. This addiction stimulated her central nervous system (brain, heart, and spinal cord) and when she stopped watching it for 3 days, the stimulation of fear and terror was not there. Therefore, her central nervous system was detoxifying from the addiction to news. When we detoxify, we can get physical symptoms that are not explainable. This does not mean that Betty should go back to watching the TV news – not at all – but what this highlights is the efficient slick programming of humanity, and how it works. Her central nervous system became addicted to the constant fear and terror. Let’s face it – do they ever talk about anything positive? Betty required a session to delete her addiction to stimulating her central nervous system with fear and terror energy.

Betty was then given a task/homework assignment. When she would normally watch the TV news, instead – she was tasked with creating something. You do not have to be Picasso or Michaelangelo – because when we create anything at all – this is a form of expressing your heart, rather than your mind ruling your life. Watching the TV news engages your mind with information, and that information can program your subconscious mind to create a reality you do not want, let alone be aware that that’s what’s occurring. Betty said she was going to enjoy this task, because when she was a little girl she loved coloring books. Betty stated she was going to purchase color pencils and coloring books and instead of watching the TV news, she was going to create.

After another processing period of 4 months from the 2nd session – Betty reported back that she was no longer addicted to the TV news, she slept better at night than she had in years, she took up coloring and expanded that into an online art class where she was learning how to draw and paint.

Betty’s sessions remind us all just how potent information is to our mind, and how it is used to create certain realities. Yes Betty’s subconscious was contributing to the one mind of all humanity. We all do – each and every day – with our thoughts, which are energy. The energy of all humanity is called the collective conscious. What are you contributing on a daily basis to the collective conscious of all humanity? It is time to deprogram your subconscious mind from all programs running within it that are not benefiting your best and highest good. Work with an intuitive to find out what is stored/archived within your own subconscious mind. Each and every one of us has been tasked since before we were born, to contribute to the evolving of all humanity, evolving this entire species.

Those who choose to heal their subconscious, are also healing a piece of humanity and that is huge!

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