What does Grounding your Energy mean and why is this important to do? Most of the patients I connect with for the first time have not ever grounded their energy and have no idea what this means or how to do it. Grounding simply means putting your bare feet onto the grass, dirt, sand, just about anywhere in nature. Why is this important to do daily?

Science has established the fact that the surface of the Earth is “alive” with an unlimited supply of free electrons. When we step barefoot into nature, our body absorbs this natural, subtle energy on the ground (the free electrons). When we routinely stay in contact with the ground, the electrons restore and stabilize a natural electrical state in our body. This grounding then allows us to be centered within ourselves and the physical, mental, and emotional space we are in. Even if we currently do not like where we are “at”, once we are grounded, we instantly give ourselves a foundation from which to move forward.

In today’s world so many people live in their head. The problem with living inside your head is that your energy can get pushed upwards and you become like a balloon that is floating up, up and away! When the ground beneath us disappears, we can feel a lack of stability or centeredness. Daily Grounding can help us reduce stress, increase mental and emotional health, reduce feelings of chaos, etc.

So how do we Ground our Energy? As a Reiki Practitioner, I use a very simple and quick grounding technique. I go outside, barefoot in the grass, and visualize a column of white light coming from above (God or whatever you connect to). I see this column of white light going into the top of my head (crown), going down through my entire body, down my spine and out my tailbone, down my legs and out the bottom of my feet. All 3 strands of white light penetrate into the center core of Mother Earth. I hold this image in my mind until I feel connected to the center core of Mother Earth. If I cannot get outside, I follow the visual to ground my energy no matter where I am.

There are plenty of ways to ground your energy, you can use my simple technique or you can do some research on the internet and follow a grounding protocol that resonates with you. The most important thing is that you ground your energy daily, no matter where you are.

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