Fear and terror are used to keep humanity subdued. Take all your power back from terror. State the following affirmations:

Affirmation: I choose to live sovereign. 3x

Affirmation: I have begun indulging in freedom from terror. 3x

Affirmation: I can see and know terror is being used to shortchange my soul from expanding.

Affirmation: I have released my life, my heart, my brain, and my soul from programmed terror. 10x

Anyone who is able to state those affirmations scotch free – excellent!

For those of you who state these affirmations and feel dizzy, nauseous, “off”, or anything else – you are giving your power away to terror that is being used to stop the expansion of your soul’s journey here on Earth. Step outside and get your 2 bare feet onto the Earth and allow Earth’s heartbeat to calm your chakras. Then attempt to re-state the above affirmations again. If you still have symptoms after stating these affirmations – you need an intuitive energy healing session with me.

For those of you reading this Newsletter saying – what does all this mean – know that you are a being made of energy first and foremost – and then a physical body. Your physical body responds to energy. When you are being terrorized, your brain chemistry changes, your physical body floods with fight or flight hormones which “rust” your physical body from the inside out, and your heart feels the emotion of terror also. When the heart feels an emotion or emotions, it’s volcanic in its ability, which means your emotions create your reality also. If you are being terrorized nonstop – your heart is going to ask you politely for help to exit from terror energy. If you continue watching the tv news/propaganda or listening to people who are asleep at the wheel of life (many), your heart will go on to warn you to exit from terror energy, because your heart vibrates inside truth and love – not terror, fear, or false. Make the move out of the vibration of terror and into truth by placing either hand over your heart and asking your heart to create love – not terror. If everyone did this exercise on a daily basis, most of humanity would emerge out of terror and return inside the present moment, which is the only place truth and love reside.

Terror is a very low vibration. Low vibration makes us feel drained, dragged down, and depleted. Boost yourself up and out of terror – walk, ride a bike, listen to your favorite music – self love is vital to elevate yourself out of the energy vibration of terror.

Those who require the energy of terror in order to function nowadays, will appear as belligerent towards others for no apparent reason. Leave them to be. Everyone is on their own journey here on Earth. Allow yourself to detach from those who require living inside terror energy, by stating the following affirmation:

Affirmation: I have chosen to ascend. 10x

To those of you who are ready to leave terror energy behind you, know that it’s as simple as not allowing yourself to be used, coerced, or manipulated.

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