Subconscious Programming Via TV News To Divide

In my last newsletter I put forth a few ideas that can help reduce your level of stress, which is fear. As an intuitive energy healer, I meet with many clients from around this globe who are looking for ways to self heal. Healing the self is available to all of us – if we are willing to take responsibility for ourselves and what we are creating. No guilt involved at all. Taking responsibility means shifting your thoughts from: I am/was a victim – over to thoughts such as: I am creating my own reality, not someone else. Once your mind has shifted its perspective from victim to creator, you will be able to have an appointment with me wherein I connect to your subconscious mind and begin identifying the root cause reason/s for your pain. One reason many people today find themselves in so much pain, could be from false subconscious programming put forth thru the TV set. I am speaking about the news, which is propaganda. Propaganda is used to control the human mind.

Do your own research about the human mind, particularly the subconscious mind, which is your operating system and hard drive. You want to find out what false subconscious programs you have installed within and delete them all. Start now.

Affirmation: I choose to take all my power back. 15x

State all affirmations out loud with either hand over your heart in order to affect the connection of mind and heart as one.

Tv news is a very insidious form of subconscious programming because of this simple fact: they promote division. That’s all you really need to become aware of.

Affirmation: I have chosen to discern false information as not real. 15x

Many many people have come to rely on tv news for truth. Those days have long since passed – just like those old commercials back in the day telling people that smoking cigarettes is/was safe, cool, okay to do, etc. Many people are stuck in the past, which causes them to still rely on tv news as truth. Stop now.

Affirmation: I choose to delete all false thoughts put forth to my mind as the truth. 10x

Aside from relying on the tv news as their truth, many many people are in extreme pain because of living their lives inside denial, and therefore actively denying that watching tv news is destroying their heart. What is the attraction to the tv news? For some it reinforces deeply held patterns of sabotaging themselves with pain via separation and division. Tv news promotes division. That is a fact. Those who cannot separate themselves from division are living inside the past, inside pain, fear, and terror. Let’s use this example to lay out how this works.

Betty is a client I use to explain many different scenarios, so people who read these Newsletters will have an understanding of what I am attempting to explain. Betty is a fictitious client who came to see me years ago because she was separated from her family via a fight that occurred on her birthday, with all parties involved in the fight going on to separate, divide, and refusing to speak to each other, which is a very very common tactic of the human ego to promote pain. Betty saw me as a client in order to find out why she created this separation from her family, post fight.

As soon as I connected to Betty’s subconscious mind, the root cause reason for creating this fight was lack. You name it – lack of faith, lack of love of self, lack, lack, lack. Betty’s past life had been one of luxury on many levels and in order to purge all karma from this past life lived inside luxury while others on this Earth suffered in lack/poverty, Betty chose to incarnate into a family dynamic steeped in extreme lack. People who live in lack often lose faith (not religion). Once faith is lost, love goes next. Growing up inside a family without love causes the ego to rise, and rise it did. Betty was literally fighting family members stuck inside programs that lack produces: jealousy, anger, pain, and so much more.

After one session with me, Betty released all past life karma. Once you become aware of the root cause reason, you start releasing it – all of it – at once.

Betty arrived for her 2nd session stating that she had attempted to contact her family members involved in the fight and none responded. Betty would now go thru life living separated from certain family members steeped inside lack, jealousy, hate of self which they projected outward to Betty, as well as fear. Betty’s life flourished while certain family members involved in the original fight never came back to Betty. This happens all the time. People prefer to draw a line in the sand and remain behind it. Remember, free will choice is available to everyone here. These certain family members chose to draw a line in the sand and stay behind inside lack, jealousy, hatred, and pain because their past life karma had not been addressed. We must allow others to experience what they need to, in order to learn the life lesson that they are truly loved, not alone, etc.

So how does watching the tv news relate to Betty’s sessions with me? Easy. Watching the tv news acts like a salve for those who deny their pain. Someone like Betty has chosen, of her own free will, to heal herself. Betty does not watch the tv news at all. Certain family members of Betty’s do watch the tv news all the time and get very upset, angry, etc. Why? Because their karma has never been identified or released. They live in denial. Living in denial requires a continual stream of unabated pain. Watching the tv news and hearing information that divides us all, causes extreme pain to the heart. Here is the last affirmation for this newsletter:

Affirmation: I have chosen to wake up. 5x

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