In somewhat of a movie mystery plot, many people alive today require what I label – Soul Retrieval. Do you have someone else speaking on your behalf? Do you feel frightened to speak your own mind? Are there times in your life you speak and act a certain way – yet it’s “not you”? These are some simple examples of what I label – Soul Retrieval. Let’s back up and explain.

When I work with a client, the client will provide me with a symptom or issue they would like to heal at the root level. Brief examples of this may be as follows:

Laura, I do not sleep through the night. This is a physical example of an issue they are looking to dissolve 100%.

Someone else may book an appointment and say: I have nonstop racing thoughts that interfere in my daily life, sometimes causing me to panic. When I begin to panic, I may feel like I have to throw up, I may feel my heart palpitating, or I may feel anxious to the point I am overwhelmed. This is mental energy.

Another client may say: I see ghosts/spirits and they frighten me. This is a psychic issue.

Another client may contact me and book a session, telling me they are booking this session because their emotions are “all over the place” and they want to feel centered. They can have alot going on at once, or the same old daily routine – yet their emotions are charged. This is an emotional issue.

And lastly, a client may book a session and state their chief complaint as: I am living a life bankrupt/devoid of what I truly desire. That would be a spiritual issue.

Now, suppose a client books a session looking to dissolve any of the above-mentioned 5 examples (physical issue, mental issue, psychic issue, emotional issue, or spiritual issue), yet it’s not their issue but that of a loved one? Follow along.

We inherit far more than eye color and personality traits from our parents and their parents and so on. Many present-day battles people create – have origins in their ancestors. Whatever life lessons an ancestor created, experienced, and then chose NOT to learn from – can and does get passed along in the DNA, called inherited epigenetics.

What are some things we can inherit? Mental illness, depression, suicide, additions, and much more. When the soul of an ancestor refused to live out an experience and heal it – they know subconsciously that issue will be passed on to the next generation. Guilt then ensues for that ancestor. Guilt is an extremely heavy burden to carry energetically – it literally weighs down your soul and can anchor it like a weight tied around you – onto the Earth plane even after physical death. Any soul with heavy guilt can then “go after” or attempt to “dissuade” another member of the family from “touching” the elephant in the room – dissuade or warn or threaten another soul (living) to NOT touch this – do NOT heal this.

This scenario is where an intuitive energy healing session for retrieving a soul begins. Boundaries must be erected with family in life and in spirit. All family members have Free Will Choice – as do you – to heal or not. Their right NOT to heal their own issues will allow them to avoid taking responsibility for their actions, words, thoughts, and behavior, and accumulate/add all unresolved issues onto their next lifetime. Whatever we do not heal, we carry forward lifetime after lifetime. No one escapes just because the physical body is no more. Learning never ends. We can learn the hard way or the easy way. As a soul choosing not to learn (while alive or as a spirit), the soul goes after another soul who may be attempting to heal an issue that began with that ancestor (alive or in spirit) suffering in silence. Someone can force another family member’s soul out of their physical body to a degree, which means the person is not themselves – but the soul of the family member who does not want to heal.

Retrieving your soul back from another soul who pushed you out by force is extremely potent energy work. Retrieving your soul and entering back inside your own physical body calls for boundaries. When it comes to family – most people are terrified to erect boundaries because of the fear they will anger the other family member – especially if it’s your parent. Regardless of the label (parent/sibling/etc) – boundaries need to be erected once your soul has re-entered your physical body.

To anyone dealing with extreme levels of family guilt – ask yourself 1 question:

Who pulls my lever and tells me I should be feeling guilty?

That is the most likely culprit for attempting to pull your soul from your physical body or the one who tells you: You should not be healing yourself. Either way, you have Free Will Choice to co-create this with anyone in order to learn the value of your own life apart from family. Family is a construct that has gone awry – a very long time ago. As souls, we incarnate over and over again on Earth with the same souls except we change labels – mother/father/sister/brother, etc. We choose – before we incarnate – who is what label, how we will interact, who “does” what to whom, etc. When you have soul family members who refuse to take responsibility, they will come after you with guilt. It is projection – the guilt they feel as they clamp down and refuse to learn.

Soul retrieval work is very very important to do as we move inside unprecedented times on this Earth – seismic shifts in energy above and below, which is all meant to call on you to heal yourself. A species living without guilt – living and embodying their own lives inside truth and inside love – is on its way. You can continue to avoid or you can participate – but know that either choice will have an effect.

For those of you who feel you need to retrieve your soul from another – contact me to book an intuitive energy healing session, which are done via Zoom for now.

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