Soul Agreements Or Contracts

Many of us struggle in life unnecessarily. What do I mean by this? I mean, we are all divine beings who pre-script our lives. Sounds bizarre, but it is very true. This is why many people are bound together in relationships that they cannot consciously explain. Let’s look at this a bit deeper.

I worked with a client who was having financial issues with her daughter. The client blurted out that she was financially taking care of her daughter because the daughter and her own family were struggling to meet the bills and have extras. I know that many people are going thru this right now with everything going on in the world, but this session was from years ago and is not due to inflation.

The client booked a Chakra Assessment & Recommendation session with me because she wanted to look at her Heart Chakra specifically – to find out why she was financially supporting her daughter and her daughter’s entire family. This client was a Reiki Master also and very adept with intuition, but could not read her own energy to make the determination of why she was creating this burdensome reality.

During her Chakra Assessment & Recommendation session, this client’s Heart Chakra appeared “crushed” to me. Think of what a crushed soda can looks like after you stomp your foot on it. This was what I “saw” energetically. Instead of this client’s Heart Chakra being wide open, it was crushed shut. Wow.

Upon further inspection, this client’s Heart Chakra appeared to be leaking. What was leaking from her Heart Chakra? Energy from the higher Chakras. Above the center of the chest sits the Throat, the 3rd Eye at the level of the eyebrows (center), and the top of the head/Crown Chakra. All those chakras were leaking energy downward and the energy was flowing out of the crushed Heart Chakra.

If someone were to have water leaking from a pipe, it most likely would run downwards. Same premise here. So not only was the client’s Heart Chakra in need of repair (energy), but also the higher chakras needed repair (energy work). I then set about sending Hon She Ze Sho New in thru the Heart Chakra. This is a Reiki symbol used by Reiki Masters to make repairs at the soul level. This client had a life experience in her current lifetime where she was abused as a child by her 2 parents who she described consciously as totally inadequate to care for and nurture children. The client chose her 2 parents in her current lifetime because she was balancing out karma of being an inattentive parent herself. Once we established these truths, the Reiki symbol Ren So Mai was used to repair the Heart Chakra. The client was provided affirmations, such as:

Affirmation: I choose to release guilt as a lifestyle.

Affirmation: I have chosen to reincarnate to be my best self, not someone else’s version of me.

Those affirmations combined with Reiki were sufficient to “un-crush” this client’s Heart Chakra, repair the 3 higher Chakras that were leaking, and heal her soul.

This is an example session of Soul Agreements this client made to live out or experience in her current lifetime, such as: balancing out past life karma, attaching cords of negative energy to her daughter to siphon energy from her so that the daughter would remain dependent (in some way) on the mother, releasing guilt energy squeezing on her heart/Heart Chakra and eventually crushing it altogether, and much more. Soul Agreements are pre-scripted lessons we take on in our various incarnations in order to learn from and heal them.

This is called a Chakra Assessment & Recommendation session and oftentimes involves Reiki healing, affirmations, crystal healing work, and more.

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