Sorrow And Its Effect On Your Liver

Many people here on Earth have incarnated carrying in with them the energy called sorrow (unbeknownst to them).

What exactly is sorrow? Sorrow is defined as: mental suffering caused by loss, regret.

When we push down sorrow, we have no choice but to live with it – just below your conscious awareness. What does this look like? Someone with sorrow will act happy when you see them – but have various (many or only one) qualities of self destruction. Before finger pointing at the most obvious forms of self destruction: alcohol, smoking, abusing prescription drugs, street drugs, and more – what about more “acceptable” forms of self destruction?

Here are some client-approved self destructive behaviors:

workaholic – working in excess, placing work before your health and wellness.

thinking nonstop – this is the mind owning and controlling you – rapid nonstop thoughts.

avoiding – this is ignoring yourself and your needs.

thinking thoughts that destroy your self esteem and on and on and on.

What needs to happen is a very major life-altering event to get your attention. Most of us go on day by day within our self-made comfort zones. A comfort zone is defined as living inside comfort – regardless of whether or not you are truly in comfort – so long as you do not have to experience change of any sort. When we avoid change, resist change – change often comes at us very hard and bites us in the ass – the wake up call-type major event. For those of us who have experienced wake up calls – they are the worst pain imaginable. We are creatures who abhor pain at high levels for sustained periods of time and as a general rule – tend to change/move forward – only if we grow weary of the consistent high levels of pain. Many with very high thresholds of pain no longer have their souls inside their physical body 100%. Their souls exit the physical body and exist near and around the physical body to whatever percentage someone feels comfortable. This is a form of avoiding our lives, and again – what we avoid comes in to bite us in the ass.

Sorrow is a factor in creating regret. People often have what we label bucket lists, which in truth, put off what we would love to do or experience in the present moment. Often bucket lists contain vacation plans (as an example) that require years of saving money. Those that plan and save can then create these vacation plans and cross that item off their bucket list. The same principle applies to everyday life, except there is no bucket list, rather a list of life lessons that your soul agreed to learn. What you avoid, ignore, and resist will grow and grow until you address it. Why wait? You will knowingly add pain into your next incarnation when you avoid, ignore, and resist your life lessons – all of which your soul agreed to create and experience – before you even incarnated. These are called life lessons we put on our “to-do” list preincarnation. This has been decided upon by us as a soul before we incarnate inside a physical body. Life lessons help us grow the soul, live out experiences that expand our love for self and others. Sorrow comes in when we stop learning our life lessons. Sorrow turns into regret. Regret is defined as: a feeling of sadness about something you did wrong, a mistake you have made, and a wish you could have done better or handled yourself differently. Why do so many people stubbornly cling to this regret? Because regret is the precursor to remorse. Holding onto remorse directly destroys you on many levels.

All remorse and regret do – is rot your mind. Thoughts of remorse, regret, and sorrow, are energy that destroy your mind. The mind is your operating system. Those with thoughts (energy) of sorrow, send signals to their liver to hold onto events, places, and people with whom they have experienced pain. The liver is the organ within your physical body and energy body that connects directly to your heart. The heart is love and the liver processes love. These 2 organs within your energy body act in tandem. If you have thoughts of sorrow, your liver will be affected. If your liver is affected, so too is your heart. State this affirmation:

Affirmation: I choose to reclaim my life and health by retreating from sorrow. 10x

If you state this affirmation and begin to feel dizzy – get your bare feet onto the Earth and ground yourself, or get your bare feet onto a grounding mat so your central nervous system can process this energy release.

For those of you choosing to remain inside sorrow – forgiveness of self is a life lesson you must learn first, before you will be ready to begin taking responsibility for the sorrow you have created. Refer to any self-help books that teach you how to forgive. State this affirmation:

Affirmation: I choose to forgive and live free from sorrow and regret. 10x

As we learn the life lesson called “forgive”, our liver begins to release sorrow energy as well as our mind. Any time we release highly toxic energy, we self heal.

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