What is your most challenging issue, symptom, or situation? Are you aware that you can turn it around? Yes, it depends upon what your issue/symptom/situation is, however, most people live the grind on a daily basis without any thought about WHY such and such is occurring. The truth is: We Create Our Own Reality. The reality we individually create affects the reality of all of us. This is why it is imperative that everyone look at themselves individually and heal themselves, because as you do you anchor in more light within yourself. That inner light then beams outward and helps others automatically. Let’s take the following example of self-righteousness:

I had someone contact me that was ego-filled, looking to challenge me that I was “wrong” and this work is not able to heal someone by moving energy and re-programming the subconscious mind. This person emailed me asking for a session and what was my availability – and nothing else. When I read someone’s email in which they are asking to book a session with me – I am intuitively able to pickup what is going on – because I can pickup their energy (information). The person who had emailed me was not interested in healing anything at all – they wanted to challenge me and “prove me wrong”. This is called the overwhelming need to be right, or self righteousness. Being self righteous has its roots for most people in past life experiences of diminished self empowerment. What occurred in a past life wherein this person was stripped of their power and by whom? We see the stripping of power from many individuals in today’s world – and it leads to explosive self-righteousness. Anyone who finds themselves getting into arguments with other people about their beliefs of what they think is right or wrong – check yourself for self-righteousness out of control. Here are a few affirmations to help curb self-righteousness:

Affirmation: I choose to participate in life’s flow and not regulate it myself. 10x

Affirmation: I am choosing to be one with the all, instead of solitary. 10x

Affirmation: I have chosen to be one, and release isolated. 10x

Those affirmations are quite potent. If you state those affirmations with the real intent to let go of the overwhelming need to be right, you will go on from those affirmations and begin to “catch yourself” in the future, which means when presented with people, places, or situations to test your level of self-righteousness, you will catch yourself, i.e. be aware that your overwhelming need to be right is flaring – and then change course.

Many times I work with people who have a large ego. The ego is the conscious mind. They are filled with fear and terror over living in a place such as this Earth, with a large swath of it’s inhabitants having a very low level of consciousness. Instead of reaching out to heal others (as most are viable healers themselves), they remain isolated and inside fear and terror. I say this because the person who had sent me the email for an available appointment – fit this description. I could tell that in a past life this soul was overrun by dictatorial parents and stripped of power as a child. This person has inner child healing work to do, but instead of getting to the root – this person chose to remain self-righteous. I then referred this potential client to another healer. I can only work with those of you who are willing to change. If you are unwilling to change (overwhelming need to be right), I cannot help you.

Let’s take another example here. I was contacted by a person looking to expand their healing business and was having difficulty. This person also emailed me for a session. When reading an email, I can pickup the energy of the person sending it, therefore I know the soul who is asking me for help. This soul had been living in a war torn country for many years and experienced a shattered heart from family passing away due to bombing. This all occurred in a past life. Past life memories are stored within your subconscious mind, your heart, your soul, and your energy body/aura indefinitely. Regardless of which lifetime you are in, there is no such thing as time. So your soul may be inhabiting a brand new physical body, but those files/memories replay over and over again. Many many people have trouble grounding into the present moment of now within their current physical body due to past life unresolved unhealed experiences. Working with an intuitive can help identify those unhealed experiences and release them. Once released, you are able to create a new reality. Take for example this potential client. This person already has an established healing business and was looking to book a session with me in order to escape poverty, lack, and scarcity – all of which are stored within this person’s subconscious mind, heart, soul, and energy body as past life memories living thru war. This is a perfect example showing you that past life experiences and memories travel along with us from one incarnation to the next, unless we identify them and release them. This potential client was holding these war torn experiences of death, poverty, lack, scarcity, and more – as a way to avoid being who and what they already are – a potent healer. When I read this email from this client, I felt all this energy as described above and it was rooted in self-righteousness. The level of self-righteousness was so strong (overwhelming need to be right), that I had to refer this person to another healer for help. I cannot work with someone whose level of overwhelming need to be right is that high. Why? Because the work that I do, the healing work that I do – requires participation by the client in order to have effect. This person had no interest in healing and instead was looking for someone outside of herself to heal her, fix it, etc. That is not the way healing works. Regardless of your issue/symptom/situation – if you are unwilling to heal yourself – intuitive healing does not work. Releasing self-righteousness one person at a time is profound healing for the all, because as each individual releases their self-righteousness, all of humanity heals. I do not make the rules, I repeat what I know based on my experience working with many clients.

For those of you who are on the fence about working with an intuitive healer – let the above examples sit with you and simmer. You may find that after reading this Blog Post, you may change your mind from – this is utter bullshit – to: I am creating my own reality and I have the power to change it.

For those of you who already self-heal and are doing the work each day – thank you!

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