Rituals and the Importance of Enacting Them Daily

Ritual is defined as as sequence of activities involving gestures, words, actions, or objects performed according to a set sequence.

Enacting a ritual daily means you are partaking in self love. What daily ritual(s) do you partake in? None? One? Many? There is no right or wrong answer – just that you begin enacting any ritual that resonates with your heart. As you do this, you will bring much needed energy into your being, your surroundings, and your life – energy that is light filled, positive, uplifting, and loving.

Rituals can be as simple as brewing your favorite cup of tea or coffee each morning and sipping it. Rituals can be more complex, such as reading Tarot Cards for yourself – asking and answering questions by pulling Tarot Cards. I say complex, because it is not as simple as brewing a cup of tea or coffee.

Rituals ground us in our current lives with love. There are many people today who do not reside inside the present moment. Living anywhere other than the present moment is bound to bring hardship and pain, especially as Earth and human beings are being coaxed to give up all levels of ignorance. Rituals can make a tough day easier. When we finish a work day that was tough and then sit in heavy traffic – we can get home and have a ritual to grab a soft blanket and snuggle on the sofa with our pets and watch a comedy show. Any and all benevolent rituals lower stress levels.

What are some benevolent rituals that have benefit to us by lowering stress? Here are but a few:

*herbal teas

*watching comedy and laughing

*snuggling with pets

*reading a good book


*journaling your thoughts and feelings daily



Whatever ritual you do, remember that a ritual is something that allows you to express self love. Many people today need more self love than ever before. Having a daily ritual of self love is highly recommended to everyone, especially during these times.

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