Rejection is defined as not wanting. What is it about yourself that causes you to reject yourself? Yes people and situations may reject us, but nothing outside of ourselves rejects us unless we are rejecting ourselves. I’m sure many of you have never heard that before. Any rejection happening in our outer world is being created by our inner world. This is where utilizing an intuitive healer can help you. I am able to intuit your subconscious mind, where the truth lies stored, waiting to be known. Let’s use a fictitious client scenario to explain how using an intuitive to heal is becoming more and more essential in today’s times, which means healing is very individual.

Our fictitious client Bob saw me for an intuitive energy healing session stating his ex-wife had divorced him several years ago yet he was not over it. Bob stated his ex-wife had moved on and remarried, yet he still felt like he lost his best friend. As Bob explained it, he was totally rejected by his ex-wife at the drop of a hat and she never looked back, leaving him shattered.

Once I connected to Bob, his subconscious revealed that this divorce was karmic in nature. Long story short, Bob’s soul had divorced his spouse in a past life exactly the same way. Many times human beings create scenarios in their lives that cause their hearts to shatter and never think that they are the ones who agreed to create it and experience it. We would call the spouse the prop – just like the prop on a stage during a play. The spouse volunteered to exit the marriage as the prop serving Bob his past life karma. All of this was released by Bob during his 1st session.

During session #2, Bob’s subconscious revealed he was obsessed with rejection and fought very hard in his current lifetime to get over what he described as “tons of nonstop rejection”. The obsession with rejection was started by an ancestor who lived on the Earth during the Great Depression. Bob’s ancestor was obsessed with rejection because during the Great Depression this ancestor lost their job, then their home, then their marriage, then themselves. What does that mean to lose yourself? When you no longer care, you lost yourself. At the start of the Great Depression, this ancestor thought about rejection nonstop. Jobs dried up rapidly and even moving his family to another state did not help. Bob’s ancestor experienced rejection after rejection. The thought of rejection escalated to a belief then a conviction. The conviction stage is when a thought and belief become hardened inside the mind, becoming like cement. After a conviction becomes an addiction, the stage is set for this person to become possessed by rejection and then obsessed with rejection. Bob’s ancestor became an alcoholic, drowning his sorrows, and passed away prematurely with the obsession about rejection intact. This obsession with rejection was then passed on to this ancestor’s descendants, and Bob inherited this obsession.

Next we released Bob’s inherited obsession with rejection. Bob then required a lengthy processing period during which time his chest began to feel pressure. Although Bob could not book an intuitive energy healing session with me because he was under a processing period, he contacted me for this chest pressure. I connected to Bob remotely and his subconscious indicated he was not releasing the negative toxic energy fast enough and his physical body required assistance from him. His physical body was asking Bob to sit in an Epsom Salts bath for 30 minutes. Epsom Salts are one of those potent healing items that are so inexpensive. Epsom Salts dissolve negative toxic energy from around the physical body. Epsom Salts can be a very helpful tool in your toolkit to well being. Bob did the Epsom Salts bath and reported back the chest pressure was completely gone. The area of Bob’s heart chakra was releasing immense negative energy, so much so that it was literally sitting on his chest, which physically felt like pressure. Anytime someone is experiencing a physical symptom, there is an energy there causing it. Bob’s heart required a lengthy processing period so his heart could heal from the shattering of his divorce as well as the inherited obsession with rejection. While Bob’s heart was healing, his subconscious indicated Bob needed to step up his routine of self love. For those of you reading this, a routine of self love is an essential in our times. We are bombarded daily with individual as well as collective karma to transmute. Keeping your own physical body and energy body within balance called self love is absolutely essential. Epsom Salts baths, grounding your bare feet on Mother Earth, using sage on yourself and your living space, drinking plenty of water, and taking time out to have fun in life are all essential self love routines.

Bob is not the only fictitious client I have written about in my monthly newsletters, which aim to open people up to intuitive healing, how it works and how you benefit from it. Let me know if you have any recurring situations in your life, such as this month’s example of rejection, and I will feature it in my 2nd newsletter soon.

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