Here are some tips to reduce your fear levels:

1) Turn off tv news.

2) State this affirmation 5x per day every day: I Am. 5x

3) Drink plenty of water and hydrate.

4) Exercise.

5) Reduce sugar intake.

6) Ground your bare feet on the Earth every day.

These are but a few very potent tips to reduce fear levels. What is causing you to be fearful? The tv news coverage 24/7 about the government, the election, the president, and more? The virus reports? Unemployment? Underemployment?

Those who choose to reduce their fear levels each day – bravo!

For those of you struggling with addiction to pain – turning off the tv news is not easy. It’s a way of life for some. We can go shopping, to the airport, etc, and see the tv’s with live news coverage 24/7. What if….what the news is telling you is false? That’s up to you to discern.

Here is a useful set of affirmations to begin breaking your mind’s addiction to pain – delivered via 24/7 news coverage.

Affirmation: I choose to turn off the news. 15x

Sometimes affirmations need to be stated more than 5x in a row, usually because whatever energy you need to release subconsciously – is embedded or hidden very deeply. If you feel dizzy after stating the above affirmation – stop here and save the next 3 affirmations for the next 3 weeks – state 1 affirmation each week. If, at the end of this affirmation sequence you find yourself still keeping the tv news on all the time, know that you most likely are obsessed with pain. Everyone here will come to the realization in this lifetime or a future lifetime – that you create your own reality, therefore you are responsible for yourself – you must heal yourself.

Affirmation: I have begun reaching for light as I exit from darkness, called pain. 15x

Affirmation: I can release my mind from its addiction to pain. 15x

Affirmation: I have released the overwhelming need to remain inside the emotion of shame. 15x

Next tip is stating the affirmation daily: I Am. What does this affirmation mean? First off, affirmations are words that literally re-program your subconscious mind, just like hitting the buttons on your computer “uninstall a program” or “install a program”. Free will choice comes into play here on Earth. Do you want to choose pain or joy? It’s a choice. Affirmations such as “I Am”, re-program your subconscious mind to the thought – I Am. I Am means you acknowledge and ignite your inner light. We are all a piece of ________ (you fill it in – God/Source/Universe etc), which means we are all created the same, here living life based on free will choice along with subconscious programs telling us we are NOT light or love. Delete all subconscious programs telling you that you are not light, by stating this affirmation “I Am” every single day.

Drinking water and staying well hydrated is very tough for some people amidst living out past life karma. Know that whatever past life karma you chose to experience and live out (or balance and learn from) you can learn it by identifying what your past life karma is with an intuitive. People enmeshed in heavy balancing of past life karma often cannot hydrate with water. Why? Because water is the fuel of the human central nervous system. Water conducts electricity. The electrical organs of you are: the heart, brain, and spinal cord. When you are dehydrated (your water level in your body is too low), your central nervous system suffers and is unable to operate fully and effectively – as opposed to being well hydrated with water. People choose dehydration as a means to deliberately slow down their central nervous system processing. Similar to rotating a volume button on your radio. This can go on only so long before the central nervous system will stop working effectively, i.e. you will have symptoms “show up” interfering with the operation of your heart, your brain, and/or your spine. Past life karma is devastating to live thru depending upon what you were involved in during past lives. Instead of dehydrating yourself and slowing down your central nervous system functions – hydrate with water and contact me for a session to release past life karma. When the central nervous system runs on high levels of fuel (water plus nutrients), your life falls into place easily.

Exercise is huge! It’s numbered 4th on my list, but it’s highly recommended, especially yoga. Yoga is gentle exercise that also moves energy in a huge way. Research yoga and its benefits, and start today.

Reducing your sugar intake to combat/reduce fear is essential. Sugar, or too much sugar, causes serious inflammation levels. As we age, we can inflame as our biology ages, however, sugar is like crack, like a drug. The more you consume, the more you inflame. Inflammation can cause anger/rage and it feeds off fear and terror. Reduce your sugar intake.

Ground your bare feet on the Earth – grass, sand, or dirt – as often as possible. Research the benefits of earthing/grounding. Your energy body and chakras are all affected by other people’s energy, whether you think it’s happening or not. Spend time alone grounding/earthing and allow your energy body and chakras a mechanism to self regulate. Keeping your energy body in alignment, and your chakras open and spinning, helps reduce your level of fear from overwhelming you on a daily basis.

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