What do we think of when we hear the word pity? For most of us, we think the thought…..to feel sorry for. What if I were to tell you that there is no such thing as pity? Pity is a word the mind creates in order to remain trapped inside your mind. Being trapped inside the mind means you are your thoughts, not your feelings. Thoughts come from the mind, while feelings come from the heart. A long time ago, I used to have pity for someone close to me. This person resided inside the space called victim. Victim is another thought coming from the mind. In life, the way we are all created, is as a creator. We are all our own creator of our lives. Yes, that’s correct. Many people become indignant or downright pissed off when they hear that, because their mind is running programs just like a computer does, telling you that you create your life is a lie. As a species, human beings are here now to heal themselves from living inside the mind, and returning into their heart center, called living in the present moment. Various subconscious programs embedded into your mind are what currently creates your life. My previous newsletters have given a variety of examples outlining different subconscious programs and how these subconscious programs create your life. As far as pity, this is huge. Before continuing to read this newsletter, here is an affirmation to state now that will help you delete every subconscious program telling you that you are a victim of someone else:

Affirmation: I choose to delete every thought telling me to lie to myself about myself. 5x

After stating that affirmation, you are now ready to continue reading this newsletter. Pity is man made, a victim program where the mind tells you to feel sorry for. Is there anyone in your life that you feel sorry for right now? Is it yourself that you feel sorry for? Well the truth is, you are creating whatever reality you are in, and so is the person you feel sorry for. At the root of thinking that you are a victim is the thought called resistance to the truth. Resistance means you leave the truth in front of you and attempt to forge ahead by thinking that you are a victim. The issue is, you are the creator of everything that happens in your life. Subconscious programs are installed without your authorization and with your authorization, and create your reality by relying on you resisting the truth. The truth presents itself to us in many ways. For some people, the truth slams them so hard that they feel their life itself is at risk. For other people, the truth creeps into a situation and sits there waiting for you to take notice. Whatever stage of truth being presented to you that you find yourself in, know that the time is now for you to release all resistance and heal yourself. The truth is, you have past life karma that other people serve to you by showing up in your life and causing you to take notice. This “taking notice” is mostly people that I would describe as getting under your skin and worse. Those who come into your life to serve you with your past life karma, or your life lessons, or your life challenges…..know you very well as a soul. You see, before incarnating, you have made a sort of grocery list of items you must experience, learn from, release, heal, and master such as past life karma, life lessons, and life challenges. How can you incarnate into your current life without gathering souls together who truly love you and ask them to interact with you during your life so they can bring you the truth in order to heal? The answer is…..you cannot. Stop resisting the truth that you are co-creating your life with other souls whom you agreed with preincarnation to help you heal by serving you the truth. Resistance comes from the mind. Anyone who is resistant when the truth shows up in their lives is in denial. I have seen people destroy themselves and their lives due to denial and resistance to truth. The truth is that you are alive today because you possess some type of mission to Earth to fulfill. Most people are unable to fulfill this mission to Earth because of subconscious programming, which creates their reality, which are thoughts. Feeling sorry for yourself and/or others is pity. Pity is a thought, belief, or conviction that runs your life. Pity weakens you because it resists truth. There is no pity at all, only truth. The next time you think thoughts of pity for yourself or your life, ask yourself…….What truth am I resisting? Ask yourself…..What is this other person showing me about myself that must be healed? Ask yourself…..What life lesson am I resisting? Ask yourself……What past life karma am I still carrying around within my mind that causes me to create my current life that causes me to think thoughts of feeling sorry for myself? Those questions are empowering and assist you in exiting from the merry go round to nowhere called pity.

Let’s take a fictional client named Betty and focus on how thoughts of pity sabotage your life. Betty came to see me as a young mom with young children. Betty was working a menial job to help pay the bills and all 3 of her children were in daycare, which happened to be very expensive. Betty was angry, frustrated, tired, spent, and unwilling to continue living like that. During Betty’s 1st session, her subconscious revealed that her parents put her into daycare as a child also, a truth that Betty admitted to consciously. Betty never liked daycare and wanted to be home with her family instead. Daycare allows parents to drop off their children before work and pick them up after work, which caused Betty to think she had been abandoned as a child. Betty released the emotion of abandonment and then her subconscious went on to say that she felt sorry for her husband, who at this point was working 2 jobs 7 days per week to pay the bills and keep the family afloat. Betty’s subconscious revealed the thought of pity for her husband was coming from deeply held familial subconscious programming that the woman is the one to care for the home and children while the man works to pay the bills. Betty stated consciously that she did feel guilty that her husband worked 7 days per week and she felt there was no other option for them as a couple because the bills had to be paid. Betty’s subconscious revealed in a past life the soul of Betty’s current husband was also her husband in a past life. In that past life, the soul of Betty’s husband worked for the darkness, which we would call today a major corporation. In his past life job, the soul of her husband preyed on people to take out loans designed purposely to deceive. During the recent mortgage crisis in 2008, we all saw how people were deceived by the darkness. Betty’s subconscious made her aware that her husband currently was in the process of transmuting that past life karma and chose to transmute that by working 7 days per week for an honest family owned company. This is an example of the truth setting people free. Betty was thinking thoughts of pity for her husband having to work 7 days per week, when the truth is he was doing exactly what he chose to do in order to live out his own past life karma.

During Betty’s 2nd session, Betty admitted that her 1st session caused her to feel alot lighter, less stressed out, more at peace, and ready to go deeper. As soon as I connected to Betty’s subconscious during her 2nd session, her subconscious indicated Betty was also in the process of transmuting her own past life karma called not caring. Sometimes when life and it’s lessons get to a point of feeling overwhelming, people check out, or leave. Where do they go? They exit from the present moment and reside inside the past, the future, they’re lost, inside the etheric, or they are in limbo. We as creators cannot create while we reside outside the present moment. Creation occurs inside the present moment. Betty’s subconscious revealed that in a past life, she was overwhelmed after a grueling childbirth, one that caused physical complications, and her soul exited into the past. Living in the past allowed her soul to get through each day of pain. The problem is, her soul remained living inside the past for that entire past lifetime. What is the danger of living inside your past? The danger is living in pain, both mental pain and physical pain. If you are living inside your past, the time is now to find out what is causing you to remain there. Chances are, it’s your mind telling you that your past was the best time in your life. We as human beings were never designed to live inside our pasts, not our current past or past lives, but subconsciously we do it. Living in the past is where your pain lies. If you are having alot of pain in your life, either mental pain or physical pain, you can best believe you are living inside your past. As for Betty, we released her past life karma of living life in the past, which meant she was never in the present moment, which translated into behavior called I don’t care.

After her 2nd session Betty came back to see me 2 more times and both times she released more issues causing her current life to be filled with thoughts of self pity. After her 4th and final session, Betty reported that her husband was interested in booking a session so he could release his past life karma and Betty would accompany him to his session. Betty’s husband was terrified of what he called energy medicine because he had organized religion subconscious programs installed without his authorization telling him no one can heal themselves, only God or Jesus can do that. Betty’s offer of compassion to her husband to go with him to his appointment allowed him to stop feeling panicky and try energy medicine healing. Betty reported back to me that she left her job and removed all 3 children from full-time daycare, only putting them into daycare on a part-time basis. Betty’s new job allowed her to work from home, set her own hours, and this brought in the freedom she longed for.

The essence of this newsletter is to wake up humanity to the times we are in right now – the time to exit from your mind and delete all those subconscious programs running like a computer that creates your life.

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