Palo Santo Spray

I use Palo Santo with respect for the Native Indian American Indian culture. This means I use Palo Santo in cases of extreme ancestral overwhelm. What does this mean? When a client begins to heal themselves, all kinds of ancestors from both sides of the family tree can “show up”. When dealing with family, we have all experienced the term – backlash, especially when your path involves healing family trauma. When an individual takes on self healing, an energy wave (for lack of a better way to describe it) is felt by your ancestors – both living and deceased – and they respond, sometimes in ways not favorable to you energetically. Spraying Palo Santo around you often, as you undergo deep self healing, often puts up an energy “sign” to your well-intentioned ancestors who think they know best – to stay away and do not interfere as you heal yourself. Temporarily using Palo Santo in this way affords you the ability to take on family issues and heal them within yourself, while blocking family from energetically sabotaging you. Three sprays around your person is beneficial at keeping the “sign” up and visible for all to see, called – allow me to evolve and heal.

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