Have you ever thought…..What is the purpose of pain? Most all of us experience some type of pain throughout our lives that just doesn’t respond to traditional treatments such as surgery, pills, or exercise. Are you in pain? Have you been in pain for so long that your tolerance level has skyrocketed to insane levels, which means you are at a point where you no longer feel pain? Those of you who have skyrocketed to the level of high pain thresholds….you are existing inside the space called……I no longer feel.

Feelings are what guide us in life as a human being. Whatever we feel….we have created it. Sometimes in order to survive karma or a life lesson, we must shut off our feelings. Exactly what happens to us when, for survival purposes, we shut off our feelings? It’s kind of like IV morphine, a temporary pain reliever that is so complete, we can fall in love with it. Just as IV morphine eventually wears off, so does the mind’s need for survival, which means we have either fully experienced our karma or we have reached a point in our lives where we have learned a life lesson. Either way, one day we arrive to the place where we no longer need to survive life. When we are no longer in need of our mind helping us survive, we must begin to release what it is that caused us to stop feeling. As we go through life, sometimes our feelings can feel so intense that the mind (as our computer) does its job and shuts off those feelings. Once we no longer require the mind’s survival program, the feelings must flow once again. For most people, they become used to not feeling because it’s less intense and it’s easier. Ease eventually swings in the other direction towards difficult. Without feeling, life becomes difficult. Feelings are like our GPS. Feelings guide us in life and feelings help us to know who and whom we love, who and whom has our best interests at heart, who and whom is a user or abuser, etc. Feelings, when turned off by the mind, allow us to go through life on a permanent IV drip of morphine figuratively. This “not feeling” often leads to people’s pain threshold skyrocketing.

Pain serves it’s purpose. It’s the physical body’s way of calling us on the phone and hoping we pick up the call. Picking up the call from the physical body means that we ask the physical body……What is causing this pain? There is always a root cause reason. When I work with clients, many are in some form of pain or another. Pain is not reserved for the physical body only. Pain can arise within the mind, which we call mental pain. People in mental pain often stop feeling it because they think everyone lives like this… a state of numbness because the world is so difficult to navigate. Not true. Pain also takes the form of spiritual pain, which would look like someone possessed. We have all met people who are owned and controlled by something such as their job, debt, another person, etc. The definition of possess is to own and control. Who or what owns and controls you? You will know who or what owns and controls you because they or it becomes an obsession. Spiritual pain is also a form of separation from your own heart. What does someone look like who has separated from their own heart? They look like they are lost in life, no rudder, no GPS; they are adrift in life.

Pain has its purpose because it is the single most effective way to get people’s attention. Nothing grabs your attention the way pain does. Acknowledge pain for what it is….a tool, a form of communication asking you to go within and heal something at the root level.

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