What does a life in denial look like? Have you experienced any sort of life changing event and wondered what would cause you to create such an event? Most people on Earth today are asleep. This means they have no idea that they are creating their lives and they are creating everything that happens in their lives. When a person awakens to who they truly are – they can then come to the realization that they are in fact creating their lives. Most of us create our lives based on our past, which can be our recent past or a past life. What we all need to wake up to is our own lives are created by us.

Many people will say, there is no way I would ever create what is happening to me or has happened to me. The people who state this are living in a state of denial. Denial is a way people can avoid living. So on one hand we are creating events in our lives that we do not want to have to experience, and yet we have the ability to find out what is causing us to create a reality that causes us pain, trauma, shock, shame, etc. Rather than going within to find out the reason(s) for creating this reality we are living with, we are told by other people to be a victim. Being a victim causes us to give our power away to the experience we need to be healing. Victimization requires denial and a hefty dose of it. Denial means we do not take responsibility for our creations. Denial is another way to give our power away to something else, rather than focusing our power on healing ourselves. Denial can help us to survive certain events in the short term, but over time denial separates us from who and what we truly are. We can continue to give our power over to an event, victimization, and then denial. All of this leads us down a road that is filled with pain.

Whenever we remain in stark contrast to who and what we truly are, we are without our innate ability to heal. This is why we have so many people today living their lives in a state of denial, and this denial can hold real consequences to the physical body. The physical body tries to regulate itself to stay in a state of balance. Denial causes a state of imbalance in the physical body. Any imbalance in the physical body has the ability to create pain. If you are someone who has chronic pain in any area of your body, ask yourself if you are in denial over an event that took place in your life.

If the answer is yes, contact me via my email and set up an appointment to heal yourself.

If you have pain, yet answer no, state the following affirmation:

“I choose to release all reasons causing my mind to tell me to deny the truth.”

That affirmation will then allow the mind to begin waking up to the fact the denial is a form of mental pain that then shows up inside the physical body as pain. Today’s times require all of humanity to awaken and heal denial.

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