So many people today are being fed nonstop fear. For those of you who refuse to allow yourselves to be programmed with and by fear, continue reading.

The human subconscious mind is your operating system. Whatever is programmed into your subconscious – via repetition – affects your daily reality. Take a big step forward and block all fear from having access to you. Shut off TV news – all of it. By watching TV news, your subconscious mind is being programmed by fear. The following affirmation will set up an energy boundary that will help block the energy of fear and terror that humanity is being absolutely blasted with:

Affirmation: I choose to raise energy boundaries against fear and terror being used subliminally, literally, and without my conscious authorization, to control, own, and possess my being. 10x

If after you have stated this affirmation 10x in a row, you feel dizzy and/or nauseous, get your bare feet onto the earth or onto a grounding mat as soon as possible. That affirmation has the ability to raise a very potent energy boundary around you to block out fear. Fear is a thing that people have figured out how to use to possess human beings. This statement sounds dramatic, however, the past 30 years on earth have proven this to be true. Take your power back from all false doctrine.

Affirmation: I have chosen to arrive to earth to heal and make this a better place to live. 10x

Once again, after you state this affirmation 10x in a row, if you feel dizzy and/or nauseous, get your bare feet onto the earth and ground, or put your bare feet on a grounding mat. Placing the bare feet onto the earth balances out your energy body. Your energy body reacts to all energies within and around you. If people are being pummeled with fear, you will feel the vibration of fear from other people. Currently the level of fear and terror vibrating on this earth is extremely high. Everyone here is affected by this in and around their energy body, even if your mind tells you this is not happening to you. It most certainly is. Your energy body can crumble when pummeled with excess terror energy, so take care to avoid all fear and terror being presented to you without your authorization. The easy solution is to ground your bare feet on the earth and/or on a grounding mat often, engage in fun things with your loved ones or friends or neighbors etc., create, craft, do something each day that sets your heart on fire/passion.

For those of you connected to the higher realms, you know and feel that this fear and terror cycle on earth is temporary. Nonetheless, if you are alive on earth, every single one of us has an energy body that is being pummeled with fear and terror, so take all necessary steps to continue expressing your heart’s feelings and your mind’s thoughts, even if it’s in a journal that only you read. All steps taken to dispel excess fear and terror energy from your energy body should be pursued every day.

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