So, for all of you who subscribe to my Newsletter List, you are all aware that you are creating your reality – all of it. The good and bad, the ugly and the awesome. When you are ready to create something else, you will, when you are moving forward.

Moving forward is described as: placing one foot in front of the other and physically moving forward. When you are ready to move forward energetically – or move forward with your energy body – turmoil erupts. Depending upon what you need to learn from your created turmoil – it will be mild to moderate or nasty. We have all been through bouts of nasty turmoil in our lives – thankful to have even survived it.

Know that when your energy body is making a move forward – your life will have turmoil. Again – mild turmoil, or moderate turmoil, or nasty unabating turmoil. When turmoil is created and hits, the best thing to do is to allow yourself to move forward. When you create turmoil of any kind in your life, your energy body has begun setting the stage to get your conscious attention. Pain is the greatest motivator of humans (unfortunately). When the turmoil of pain sets in – start moving forward – even in small increments. Moving forward means going within yourself/your subconscious mind and your heart and soul, and find out what is the root cause reason for you to have created this turmoil, and begin releasing it. This is done with an intuitive energy healing session with me.

When you avoid the life lesson you are creating, your mind locks into the turmoil like a dog with a bone, and seeks to deny it. This is a natural human protective mechanism – one that usually stops all forward movement. Do not allow your mind to deny the turmoil you are creating by blaming someone or something else – move forward by asking:

What did I create here, in order to learn from it? What is this turmoil here to teach me?

Many have chosen to ask these very questions by having a session with me. Intuitive energy healing is not a grade A one time fix all – rather a brief stop along your journey called – your life. There are many times in life we wish we could have a better perspective, a better understanding of the “why”. Why am I creating this turmoil? Why am I creating this pain, I am a good person who does not deserve any of this. Self pity is a waste of time. Go for the root cause reason for you creating turmoil in your life – identify it and begin releasing it. State this affirmation:

Affirmation: I am willing to change. When I change, I take all the power flowing into my mind, which holds me prisoner to fate. 10x

Here is a brief session conducted on Betty, our fictional client.

Betty stated to me that she is a high-level intuitive being, however, she is creating turmoil that has no root, i.e. she cannot figure it out, doesn’t understand it, and wants this turmoil to stop. Betty stated her turmoil is never ending debt. No matter how much Betty earns, something comes up to create more debt – the car breaks down and needs repair, she twisted her ankle walking up the steps to her work building, her dog requires surgery because the dog ate something that created a severe allergic reaction, and on and on and on.

People live with one catastrophe after another and get used to it – thinking – this is my life and it keeps chugging along the same way. Well, first of all, you are creating all turmoil in your life and it is time, once again, to move forward, learn a life lesson, heal, etc.

Betty was told she is creating all this because she has heavy past life karma she needed to reincarnate into and live out, or balance. Next, Betty cut all cords of energy to toxic parental thoughts regarding money. Betty’s parents grew up living through the era we label the Great Depression, where money was reclaimed by those in power – leaving humanity to waste away. What a horrible thing to experience.

Next, Betty had to cut ties physically with the gentleman she was dating (Bob). Bob was a very severely toxic man who thought inherited thoughts that “females are less than”. Being with Bob was like a saboteur being in Betty’s life 24/7/365. Bob may have been convincing as far as his liking Betty and being nice, however, subconsciously he was filled with seething jealousy of Betty’s inner light. This was put to the test when Betty began to express to Bob that she had hobbies she was pursuing – such as a trip to a Comic Con convention in another state over a 4 day trip. Bob was jealous and resented Betty leaving for 4 days. He could have gone, but chose not to. Betty soon gave Bob the boot and met someone else who was more on her level of light. Betty described this new relationship as bliss.

Next, Betty began to call wealth to her from the ether. The ether is the realm we label the spirit world, heaven, or any other name you want to call it. Do you work with the ether? Do you believe and know you can create within ether and call it into the physical world? You sure can. By being willing to release yourself from turmoil – you free yourself up on an energy level – to then call into creation what your heart and soul truly desire. Book an intuitive energy healing session with me if your life is in turmoil yet there is no end in sight. You are ready to release victim consciousness and martyr.

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