Love is to the heart what we are to life. What causes the energy heart to flee from us? The energy heart is the energetic counterpart of your physical heart. Anything happening to your physical heart occurs because there is something energetic happening first. The energy body is your outer layer of you. Before anything can penetrate into the physical body, it’s sitting within your energy body first. Let’s take a look at how we work as a human being. Think of the russian nesting dolls… have one doll inside the other. Encased inside your physical body is your soul or spirit. As we experience life on Earth as a human being, our soul inhabits a physical body. Our physical body is encased inside our energy body, which permeates the physical body. The energy body is like a record holder, storing records about you within what we call the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind, which is energetic, stores everything about your current life and every past life you have had on Earth. We have gone in depth in other newsletters why it is of the utmost importance to know what is within your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the hard drive of you. Whatever is stored within the subconscious mind acts as the catalyst for what you see and experience in your day to day life. Most people trudge along through life feeling like they have no control over what’s going on in their lives because they are unaware that their subconscious mind and what is contains are creating the life they live, experience, and see on a daily basis. We will now use a fictitious client to explain what happens to the heart and how the subconscious mind needs to be healed in order to effectively live the life your heart desires, called….I Am.

I first saw our fictitious client Abby when she complained of having chest pain. Abby had been seen by a cardiologist, received many heart tests as well as blood tests, all of which came back negative. This meant her cardiologist could not find anything. Abby stated the chest pain began for her at the same time she was faced with her son coming out as gay. Abby’s son was age 20 and had been living in the closet until recently. When Abby’s son had a sit down with his mother, she described feeling pain in her chest area, a level 4 out of a 10. Abby indicated the pain was sharp in nature, lasting for about 10 minutes, then stopping. After the sit down with her son and his news of being gay, Abby experienced the same type of chest pain a few days later and decided it was best to have her heart checked by a cardiologist.

During her 1st session, Abby’s subconscious indicated she experienced rejection in a past life as a female who had the ability to heal other people. Many many years ago on planet Earth we had the Inquisition which lasted 500 years or so. During the Inquisition, the Kings and military of the day combined with the church and began wiping out healers. Abby’s past life was one of rejection and removal from society. Many healers were imprisoned for healing other people using alternate means. Abby’s subconscious carried within it trapped emotions of horror, terror, and the emotion of absolute fear of being quote unquote different. Abby’s 1st session enabled her to release these trapped emotions that had been around her heart.

During her 2nd session, Abby stated her chest pain came back again after that 1st session, but the level was only a 3 out of 10 in severity. The 2nd session revealed that Abby left her energy heart in her past life as a healer when her community rejected her. Apparently an edict was put forth to eradicate certain types of healing and the herd mentality took hold, forcing healers to stop practicing during the Inquisition. Because Abby’s soul had been rejected by her community in that lifetime, her energy heart departed from her, which means it separated from her. There are many people alive today on the Earth who have lived here before, called having past lives. When the energy heart separates from us, it remains within an experience we have already had and must be connected to us in the now, called the present moment. Abby successfully released that past life and closed that timeline with affirmations. Abby was able to call her energy heart back to her and connect it. The connecting of her energy heart to her would need time to process, called a processing period of months.

I saw Abby again in 12 months and she reported to me all chest pain had stopped. Abby was able to discuss her sessions with her son and I then began working with him so that he could release trapped emotions of being different and ostracized by his community. Abby’s son revealed he had been in severe pain his entire life because he always knew he was different. As a male he did not feel attracted to females. He always thought there was a major reason why he chose to incarnate as the label gay. His subconscious revealed he chose to be what his subconscious called…..a way-shower. A way-shower is a soul who is here to show the way to others. Sometimes in our lives, being who and what we truly are can be extremely painful. We sometimes look to other people to show us the way. There are many people alive on the Earth now who are here to show the way to who and what we truly are, which is One. I am not saying that every person here is a healer. I am saying, from my experience working with many clients, that there are many human beings here now who are ready to be who and what they truly are. Who and what they truly are affects the whole of humanity. The time is now for human beings to go within and heal themselves. All healing is done by revealing your true self to the self. Your current self is literally attempting to live your life based on what is contained within you. Your true self emerges once you have healed. Calling upon a healer to help you heal is essential in today’s times. We are all One. We are all here to reside inside the center of our hearts, not inside the mind. Connect your heart to you if it’s separated from you by allowing yourself to find out what caused your heart to separate from you in the 1st place. For most people, the energy heart separated due to having some type of experience of pain, whether it occurred in this current lifetime or a past life. All issues surfacing now for people must be addressed so that humanity can unite as One. Humanity was created to live inside the heart and to love. Love is all there is.

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