Liver & Ancestral Pain

What is your relationship to your liver? Have you ever been asked that question? Probably not. But it’s a great question. Because if you have no relationship with your liver, chances are your liver is left to its own devices and creates based on thoughts emanating from your mind – rather than your liver being centered and connected to your heart. The liver and heart are inexplicably linked. Taking hits to your heart will have a direct effect on your liver. This is a topic that can lead down a variety of paths, but for the purposes of this article – I will reduce the possibilities to this one: Your liver is deeply affected by ancestral pain.

What is ancestral pain? It’s energy you inherit, or carry forward, from your ancestors – painful experiences that went unresolved by your ancestors, which you agree to inherit, or take with you, into your next life/incarnation.

Let’s take a look at our own ancestral pain. Go back on either side of your parent’s families and ask your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents: What experiences have you survived? Chances are they have lived thru some type of trauma experience.

Experiences are pre-planned before we incarnate, therefore, whatever your ancestors experienced – they created that. The mind/ego denies this most profound truth. The ego mind lies to you and tells you that someone else was responsible and you are a victim – life happened to them, they did not create or co-create. False.

We are all very profound creators who must remember this truth. Living without your own power to create – affects you and everyone around you. Living disempowered robs you of the ability to create what you desire. This is something every single one of us is here to learn and master – to live as a powerful creator. Having a change in perspective on this issue is massive. Start today by stating these affirmations to release your ego’s hold over your life:

Affirmation: I choose to unhinge my life from my ego. 10x

Affirmation: I have begun rescinding every soul agreement I made in pain, that disempowers me. 10x

Affirmation: I can choose using free will, and delete fate thoughts. 10x

Affirmation: I have lessened my mind’s thoughts telling me “I am not”. 10x

If after stating these affirmations you feel dizzy, get your bare feet onto the Earth and ground. Research “grounding” or “earthing” and incorporate bare foot grounding as a lifestyle.

So now we are at the point in this article where we go deeper. Once you agree to let go of victim consciousness, you can begin to understand that your ancestors created the realty they experienced based on self-love – the need to experience something in order to learn how to love themselves, i.e. grow the soul.

We all agree to carry in ancestral pain. Here is a very common example of pain so great, our ancestor may have survived it, but never healed/learned from that experience.

Most times when working with clients, once they become aware of what the truth is concerning their ancestors experiences and pain – they release it in tandem with their ancestor. Again, we are all connected regardless of whether or not our soul is located inside a physical body or inside the spirit world. Our connections know no limits by distance or time.

My mother’s mother (my maternal grandmother) emigrated to the US from Ireland during the potato famine. Margaret was born into a very large family with more than 10 siblings, and lived during the potato famine in Ireland amidst starvation. Back then, her parents felt they were saving her life by taking up offers to ship family to New York City to work as an indentured servant. Margaret was age 13 when she was placed on a boat to NYC – alone. She worked for a family in NYC as a servant – cleaning and cooking. I cannot imagine leaving your family and living in someone’s basement as a 13 year old – left to cook and clean as a means to survive. And survive she did. I can often feel my Grandmother Margaret around me when I do intuitive energy healing sessions for clients – she observes and asks questions, such as: How can you do what you love for a job when I wasn’t able to? I acknowledge her presence and ask her to leave every time. Why? Because she is unwilling to exit from victim consciousness. I can pickup her energy in spirit – that her soul created that life experience of being separated from family – in order to master (learn) that family is a lifelong support system wired by heart to heart connection. Family is the ultimate support system. What better way to learn the importance of family than to create a scenario where you would erase your family. Grandma Margaret co-created this when she was shipped to another country alone. I am not saying this to be harsh – but to explain how life truly works. My Grandma Margaret maintained victim consciousness her entire life and drank alcohol to drown out her liver and the fire within, called – anger/victimization/rage over losing her entire family and her entire life as it used to be as a child – to the potato famine.

The liver is the organ that produces anger and rage. People store the emotion of anger within their liver and if they do not release it, they need to do something to quote-unquote “put the fire out” within the liver. Putting the fire out often involves alcohol, drugs, excess sugar, and so on. As she “put the fire out” within her liver, her liver disconnected from her heart. Again, the liver and the heart are created to be connected and work in tandem – not physically but energetically. Most people with heart issues often have issues with a disconnected liver. This causes anger to remain bottled within, which causes a breakdown of the entire human body.

What I inherited from my Grandmother Margaret is the issue about family being important. I have survived separation from family that affected me, my husband, and 2 children. Thankfully we sought help from an energy healer 20+ years ago who was able to give us the root cause reason for family separating from us. This means, we took on family dysfunction and healed it. Neither of my 2 children will have to tackle this issue and neither will their offspring.

The liver and heart are connected, and when connected they process and balance anger and hate with love and light.

While disconnected, the liver stores excess anger and the heart is separated from the liver energetically. Therefore, anger and hate is all there is. Heal your liver by acknowledging what ancestral pain you carry. What ancestral pain did you inherit in your DNA and agree to take on and heal in this lifetime? Contact me for an intuitive energy healing session to begin releasing this ancestral pain and begin connecting your liver and heart as one.

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