Lack is defined as: deficiency or absence.

Most people equate lack with money. Lack has many different levels to learn. The base reason someone would choose to learn and master a life lesson having anything to do with lack, concerns value of self.

Value is defined as: worth.

We equate worth with money, because this is the current system we chose to incarnate into. We are all very powerful creators, who pre-plan life lessons to learn and master before our soul fills in our current physical bodies. Once we willingly accept this truth, life becomes easier, insofar as being able to consciously identify where you need healing. Admitting you are here on this earth to experience life, is a huge step in the right direction. Next step is admitting that you are creating everything you are experiencing. Once we are willing to begin admitting truths we have chosen to avoid, it becomes second nature, which means life is about to change. Change is something most of us fear, however, right now the entire globe is within a cycle of major change and there is no time like the present moment to heal. Energy healing deals with your outer layer. For simplicity sake, think of those wooden nesting dolls – your soul is within your physical body while you are experiencing life. Your physical body is then encased inside your energy body. This is where I work. Anything showing up within your physical body is being caused by something within your energy body. Heal the outermost layer, and your other layers will heal also. It’s a win-win.

Getting back to lack/worth/self – here are a few questions to prompt you into remembering your value (not monetary value, not your annual gross income, not your 401(k), not your bank account) only the value you already are, but have forgotten – heart value – heart worth – self love.

1) Where do you NOT value others? This question will begin the process of healing.

2) Who irks you? You may think this person/people have done something “to” you, when in fact the truth is you are both co-creating this “doing”.

3) Where is your self-love currently? In someone else’s hands? Are you living dependent? Are you live in independent? Where are you at?

I hope these prompts enable you to open up to the reality that you have chosen certain people in your life to co-create scenarios that challenge your mind’s thought that you have no worth, i.e. lack. On whatever level you may be currently experiencing lack, it all has to do with lessons surrounding your worth. Remember who and what you already are – pure light.

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