What do we consider to be a hard life? A hard life to me is one lived with resistance. How do you define a hard life? Is it sickness, pain, suffering, or something else? Is it financial hardship? Or is it rejection of some sort? What do you define as a hard life? The answer to that question will vary from person to person based on what they choose to create for themselves.

Those of you reading this newsletter who have already worked with me are aware that as human beings, we each create our own reality. This means we are ourselves creating our own lives and what goes on in our lives, all of it. So if we think our lives are created by ourselves, what causes us to create a hard life for ourselves? Who wants to live a hard life? Why do we do this to ourselves? Are we a bad person? Are we being punished? What is the truth?

The truth lies within your own subconscious mind. The human subconscious mind is a treasure trove of stored information about you……from this lifetime you’re currently living in as well as all past lives you have had. As a storage device, the human subconscious mind is the same as the hard drive in your laptop or desktop computer. Most of us use computers every day and access stored information within the computer in order to do something. This “doing something” involves the retrieval of whatever we have stored within the computer, for future reference so to speak. So if the human subconscious mind is your own storage device, what kinds of things are in there? Here’s a list, in no particular order of importance, and definitely not limited to this brief list:

-past life experiences called memories.

-soul agreements with other souls.

-all vital information about your current lifetime.

-pertinent information sent from your heart.

Let’s take one item from this list and get into how your subconscious mind works and why it’s so important to your life.

We will use a fictitious client I will call Bob. Let’s take the example of the “soul agreements with other souls” topic. When Bob came to see me at the Spiral Circle, he was filled to overflowing with problems he described as hard. Bob shared that he no longer felt able to pay bills as his life continued to grow and expand and for him money was beginning to dry up. Bob worked as a person who approved loans at a bank. The more people who defaulted on those loans he approved, the more he was admonished by his manager and denied a raise during his review. Bob also shared that his personal life was very hard because he was unable to support his family in the way he wanted to. Bob described tougher times for himself and his family, whom he adored. Bob’s scenario sounds so familiar to me because as a person who intuits for a living, many many clients experience this scenario……a hard life caused by what I describe as resistance. Bob’s life may not fit someone else’s definition of a hard life, but follow along.

Bob was used to living without any kind of financial issues. As a single man he began working at a bank until he arrived at his current position as a loan officer. So for Bob, this impingement on his finances, which to someone else may not seem hard, was absolutely hard for Bob. To Bob his life continued to get harder as his finances dried up. The part where the resistance comes in is when people do not go within themselves to ask…..What is causing me to create this? Eventually Bob decided that he was going to book an appointment for an intuitive healing session with me to find out what was causing him to create a hard life at this time, which to him meant an infringement on his ability to earn and spend as he had prior to the current hard times all human beings are going through. You see, we are all connected. As other people create hard times……they defaulted on loans that Bob approved and now Bob was being affected by other people he did not remember and/or possibly never even met……..this is an example of how we are all connected. Bob was now experiencing a hard life and wanted to heal this at the root level.

Bob’s subconscious indicated he had what’s called a soul agreement with his family….his biological family which is also his soul family, specifically his wife. Bob agreed to provide and then withdraw the act of providing. Bob’s soul met with the soul of his wife and he decided to participate in what’s called a soul agreement. Soul agreements are made by every single one of us. As souls, before we incarnate, we agree to fulfill certain life lessons for other people to learn from. Bob agreed to provide and then withdraw providing, for the soul of his wife so that the wife would then release her mind’s thought that she was a failure. In a prior lifetime, Bob’s wife began to think she was a failure because everything she did literally failed, as far as supporting her family. The root cause reason his wife’s soul thought she had failed in another lifetime is because she did not keep to her mission in that lifetime. All of us here on Earth have accepted certain missions – all missions have to do with healing one another. Bob’s wife, in a prior lifetime, never fulfilled her mission due to other issues that we will not get into here. The point is, Bob’s wife knew prior to incarnating into her current lifetime, that she needed to heal herself from that thought…..I am a failure. And the way she chose to experience that learning was to have Bob’s soul volunteer to step back and halt full providing. As Bob’s bank job grew more stifled financially, Bob’s wife began to seek employment in order to fill the financial gap needed. After Bob worked with me, then his wife began to see me also. Bob’s wife revealed she was always drawn to all things metaphysical but never pursued it because of the fear of failure she inherited from her father. This can go on and on, but I must stick to the point.

And the point is this – We create a hard life for ourselves based on things within ourselves that we are here to heal, but resist healing. The subconscious mind contains everything you need to know about yourself. As you continue to go within, meaning having intuitive sessions involving your subconscious mind, you are able to exit the space you reside in called…….a hard life. Those of you who are currently living a harder life than the example of Bob and his wife……What is causing you to create a hard life? The answer to that question lies within you. The time has come for all people living on Earth to exit the space called a hard life. Here are some affirmations to get the ball rolling:

(All affirmations are stated with either hand on your heart, out loud, 5x in a row.)

Affirmation: I choose to exit the space called…..I have a hard life.

Affirmation: I am exiting the world called….Life is hard.

Affirmation: I have exited the hard life I created in order to learn that I AM.

Take out of this newsletter what applies to you because not everyone is living a hard life, but many people are. For those of you who are ready to stop creating a hard life, contact me to book your session.

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