Intuitive Overload

In Dr Judith Orloff’s book – The Empath’s Survival Guide – she offers many tips to protect yourself as a practicing intuitive. My own opinion is that you should not require quote-unquote “protection” from the energy of others. Instead what you require is a wide open Crown Chakra. Research the chakra system. Briefly, our energy body surrounds and permeates thru our physical body, which is dense matter. The energy body around us is invisible, however very real. For those of you who are new to this information, consult any book or video by Barbara Brennan, Dr Bradley Nelson, Donna Eden, or others, and learn about the subtle energy body we all have. Chakras are the individual energy centers that power the human energy body. Like breath, these energy centers draw in energy from around you and expel toxic energy – all done automatically and all done in divine perfection. Problems with the chakra system emerge when intuitives absorb energy from others/clients, are affected by toxic people, withdraw from others because they think they need protection, etc.

As the earth progresses into madness, for lack of a better description of all past life timelines converging, I recommend intuitives become certified into Reiki. When you become certified into Reiki, there is an attunement sacred ceremony performed, wherein the Reiki Master opens the Crown Chakra of the student and deposits very potent Reiki symbols in thru the Crown Chakra and watches as these symbols connect to the students soul. I offer virtual one-on-one Reiki certification classes (see my website: for further details and click the “Reiki Classes” tab. Not every Reiki Master offers this “opening” of your Crown Chakra as part of their attunement ceremony. If you have any questions about this, email me.

Once the Crown Chakra has been opened and the Reiki symbols deposited and connected as One to the soul – the Crown Chakra will open and close as the student’s soul sees fit. It is crucial to have a wide open Crown Chakra as we move more and more into the light as a group of intuitives here on the earth with many Soul Agreements to fully heal humanity from false, from fear, and more.

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