Intuitive Healing For Your Pet

Pets are our family, they are sentient, and they are made up of energy. Therefore, intuitive energy healing sessions for pets play a vital role in their well being. How? Here is an example of my own real life experience with one of my rescue dogs – Shelly.

Ten years ago my family and I rescued Shelly – we adopted her from a local rescue group. We were told she was 8 weeks old and rescued from an abandoned house. Shelly was very small, had huge ears, and her front legs tilted outwards. The vet said because of her size, she was most likely the runt of the litter and as she grows, her wrists will straighten out. Thankfully they did, and she also grew into her ears. But within a year of rescuing her, we noticed Shelly would go ramrod on a walk. She stopped, became ramrod/frozen like a cement statue and looked like she was going to tip over.

The holistic vet suggested we take Shelly off any and all commercial dog food – we did – and begin feeding her whole foods – we did. At the same time that we made dietary changes for Shelly, I connected to her intuitively.

Shelly’s subconscious indicated extreme fear of being alive without her mother. This can cause the central nervous system to freeze/glitch, which we label having a seizure. Fear is so potent that we can experience physical symptoms from having too much fear sitting within our energy body. Shelly’s subconscious revealed heavy abuse of her mother. Shelly released alot of subconscious issues surrounding her mother and losing her at too young of an age. Shelly released subconscious fear that she inherited in her DNA from both her mother and father, which we label inherited epigenetic. Shelly also released inherited fright. Dogs who are abused and die often reincarnate with the energy of fright. This is something that shows up in a myriad of symptoms – one of which was Shelly going ramrod on walks – that is until she had intuitive energy healing, Reiki, and Emotion Code sessions done on her by me.

Between the diet and energy work, it was instant – Shelly no longer went ramrod on walks, and 10 years later, it has never ever happened again. Seizures are the short circuiting of the central nervous system – caused by energy primarily. Good nutrition also plays a role, but it is not primary. Therefore, intuitive energy healing sessions for pets can make a difference.

I recommend anyone with a pet in your home – that you Sage your home at least 1x every 3 months – every room, every closet – so any and all toxic energy within your living space dissolves to zero. Pets have a much higher level of energy activity than humans do, which means they are super sensitive to the energies surrounding them. Keeping your living space free from toxic energy has a positive impact on your pet. House cats typically guard the occupants of a home, and this means spirits are known by your indoor cat. This can stress cats out, depending upon the energy of the spirit coming to visit. Keeping your home saged will lessen the energy within your home and the energy that affects your cat. Outdoor animals such as goats, horses, cows, and pigs are affected by your energy as well as the energy of the land they reside on. Make sure your land is blessed with holy water as you state a prayer to bring peace, prosperity, and joy to all sentient beings who occupy your land. If not, outdoor animals may begin to be overrun by spirits residing on the land residually, and this can lead to symptoms. All physical symptoms have their origins within your energy body – same thing for animals.

Take great care of your pets and enjoy their unconditional love!

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