I Am…….

That happens to be one of the most powerful affirmations……Why? Because you are literally claiming your right to life. This has to do with many subconscious programs installed within your subconscious mind without you being aware of it. Let’s take a brief look at our fictitious client Betty.

Betty arrived to her appointment with me in a state of extreme stress. Betty stated she had recently lost her job and was loaded with credit card debt. Betty stated her stress level was so high, she had felt dizzy, faint, and had a headache, which she sought medical attention for, only to be diagnosed with high blood pressure. Betty started taking blood pressure medication and then reported feeling sad. Once I connected to Betty, her subconscious indicated her high blood pressure was being caused by her heart being in tremendous pain.

When the heart experiences pain for any reason, scars can begin to form on the heart. This is not about the physical heart. I am referencing the physical heart’s energy counterpart, which is your energy heart located inside your energy body. Scars develop on the physical body as a mechanism of healing. When scars develop on the energy heart, they are not part of a healing mechanism. These energy scars upon the heart diminish your inner light. When we are born, all of us incarnate with different levels of inner light. As my newsletters have discussed in the past, Earth and life here is akin to being in a schoolroom. All of us have chosen to be here in order to learn, heal, expand, and love. Depending upon your past life/lives on Earth, your inner light may be diminished or dimmed.

How does your inner light dim? When you experience something painful and you do not heal from that pain. Accumulated pain sits inside the heart and damages it (the energy heart).

According to Betty’s subconscious, in a past life she was shuffled off to a boarding school while her parents worked in the family business. Being sent to live far away from her parents caused Betty to experience abandonment, loneliness, bullying, etc. Betty released this past life experience of abandonment in her 1st session.

During Betty’s 2nd session, her subconscious described Betty’s ego mind had been given free reign also in that same past life of being sent off to boarding school. Because Betty’s pain was at an extremely high level in that past life, Betty decided to allow her ego mind to take control. The human mind is a very sophisticated super computer. If your pain level is extremely high, regardless of why, the mind kicks on/turns on survival mechanisms to operate you and your physical body to keep you alive. Betty’s mind began to think she was worthless while at boarding school. This thought turned into a full-on belief, then escalated into a conviction. A conviction is a thought that has hardened inside the mind like cement. Betty released her mind’s conviction that she was worthless during her 2nd session and after that she required considerable time grounding her bare feet onto the Earth. If you have not already done so, create a lifestyle choice to include grounding your bare feet on the Earth. Research grounding/earthing and read about its many benefits to human beings.

During Betty’s 3rd session, her subconscious revealed that the thought…I am worthless…..had stayed with her lifetime after lifetime. When a human being thinks they are worthless, the ego mind escalates its use of power. We all know people who are put into positions of power and we watch them become a tyrant. Whether we see a co-worker get promoted into a position of authority, which then completely changes that person into a person on a power trip, or a next door neighbor who constantly complains to your homeowner association about where you park your cars on the street, we have all experienced people whose ego mind escalates and it’s not pretty. But this is what causes the ego to grow in power and people seemingly cannot confront it to take their power back. All thoughts of worthlessness are the accelerant, or fuel, that feeds the human ego. During Betty’s 3rd session, she successfully diminished her ego by stating one affirmation…..I Am.

I recommend this affirmation to many clients when they contact me stating they feel off – bad – not okay. For those of you experiencing life from inside your ego mind, that is called hell. You are very powerful and you have the ability to release the level of power that your ego mind has over you. Long after painful experiences have ended, the ego continues its reign of power. The longer this goes on, the human energy heart becomes scarred from all the pain it’s holding onto. There is a direct correlation between high blood pressure and heart pain. There is a 100% connection between a powerful ego and the heart pain that sits inside the energy heart unhealed.

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