1) Freedom from pain: Are you experiencing physical pain? Why are you creating it? What steps have you taken to dissolve your physical pain at the root level? An intuitive energy healer can pinpoint the root cause reason you are creating pain. I would rather be without pain myself.

2) Releasing your being from past life karma: Past life karma affects every soul here on earth, and no one is exempt – no one “gets away” with anything. Whatever harm you have done to another – verbal, behavior, thoughts, actions – all comes with you into your next lifetime to be balanced, which means you experience what you have done to another. Many people creating experiences of past life karma often tell themselves they are victims. There are no victims, but there are co-creators who volunteer to assist you. Acknowledging what your past life karma is, and releasing it/balancing it is essential so you are able to release whatever energy blocks you from creating.

3) Feeling better overall: Feeling better overall comes from freeing your being from toxic energy released during an intuitive energy healing session. Try it.

4) Cutting energy cords that destroy you energetically: We often create unseen energy cords with others – most often negative and toxic cords – for example….from your mind to the other person’s mind. These energy cords congest your mind with the other person’s mental energy – thoughts. Have you ever been in a room full of people having a good time at a celebration, and one person is talking incessantly about past issues involving someone else in the room, yet not doing anything to get to the bottom of that relationship? I have. These type people frolic inside the mind, which tells them they have been victimized. Release that crap!

Affirmation: I have chosen to release all victim ancestral subconscious programs telling me other people are “less than” who I am. 5x

The person gossiping about being a victim of someone else in the room is most likely connected – via an energy cord – mind to mind – that is very toxic. All victim thoughts flow back and forth along these cords, which are unseen, however they can destroy you. Find out who you have energy cords with and cut them. This stops the flow of unwanted toxic energy from someone else.

5) Allowing your life to rise/ascend: Every time you have an intuitive energy healing session and release toxic energy, your soul rises or ascends. Think of a ladder – a ladder has rungs on it and every rung you step up to elevates you, you go higher and higher on the ladder as you go up one rung at a time. Same thing with intuitive energy healing work. Each session you have, you release vast levels of toxic energy that hold you back from being who and what you truly are. Rise/ascend, by healing yourself using an intuitive.

6) Following prescripted plans to self heal when ready, which means allowing yourself to prosper: Following prescripted plans cannot be done until you acknowledge who and what you truly are – light/energy – that has taken on a physical body and living on this earth in order to heal yourself first. Once you begin healing yourself, your purposes and missions can begin to unfold.

7) Healing past life and current life traumas created to experience in order to learn something from it: Trauma often involves shock. If you have experienced any type of trauma in a past life or in a current lifetime, chances are your DNA is vibrating the energy of shock. Why would you put yourself through that type of experience? Only you know why, and your subconscious mind contains the answer. Working with an intuitive energy healer allows you to communicate with your subconscious mind, which is archival and stores everything about you within it. A fantastic book to read to familiarize yourself with the human subconscious mind is: The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy. Once you learn and acknowledge how your mind truly works via the subconscious, you can then release trauma, shock, and more at the root cause level – your subconscious mind. Once you do, you are then able to rewrite your life from a new (higher) perspective. Examples about the subconscious mind storing traumas can be found by reading my prior newsletters wherein examples are cited.

8) Clearing family inherited traumas: We all have inherited traumas from our ancestors. Take any one of your ancestors and investigate their lives. What trauma or traumas have/had they survived? Have they lived through divorce, an earthquake, a hurricane, a car accident, the death of a child, and on and on. Whatever our ancestors lived through traumatically, chances are we have inherited the experience as energy. This can be stored within and around your energy field, your subconscious mind, your heart, your soul, your chakras, and more. Identify trauma energy belonging to an ancestor and then releasing it opens up your family tree to heal as well, regardless of whether your ancestors are living or not. The human soul is eternal, but the human physical body is not. Therefore, all energy healing you do has the potential to heal your ancestors going up your family tree.

9) Releasing your life from bondage to the mind due to pain: Many people remain in bondage to their own mind on a daily basis due to severe disconnection to their higher self. Finding out what causes you to rely on your mind instead of your heart on a daily basis is very important to find out and heal. Many who are deeply ingrained with living inside the mind have many fail-safe ways to stop all evolvement of their soul past this state of living inside the mind. It’s comfortable for so many to live inside the mind instead of the heart. As earth evolves, humans will have to evolve. We have free will choice to evolve the easy way or the hard way. Choose the easy way. Nothing is as terrible as living your life inside your mind and allowing your mind to tell you what to do each day while ignoring your heart.

10) Freedom to begin creating a life you desire instead of surviving life: Creating a life we desire is what we are all here to learn how to do. Releasing energy that no longer promotes forward movement is necessary.

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