How To Take Your Power Back

From an early age we are taught to give our power away. Do you really think that’s a good idea as an adult? I don’t. All around us each day we see examples of people who have given their power away. This is not ego I’m talking about. Like…..oh, I’m more powerful than you! Absolutely not.

What I am writing about is your own power and bringing up how you have given it away from birth onward. As an infant, when you are brought into the world, you must depend upon your parent/parents for survival. This is the earliest sense of giving away of your power to others. What choice do we have as infants and children really, because we must depend upon our parent/parents. Unwillingly this can result in dependency on Dad and Mom throughout your life, called giving your power away. We have all had those conversations with co-workers in the break room, wherein a co-worker will confide in us, heartbreakingly so… parent/parents do not like who I am dating yet my significant other is the love of my life and a really good person. Ever wonder if that significant other is bringing up something in the parent/parents that they themselves need to heal? That is an example of a mirror. Everyone acts as a mirror to another at some point or another, which means we volunteer pre-incarnation to heal others this way, by holding up a mirror so the one who feels angry, confrontational, giving ultimatums, attempting to steer, manipulate, and control….can see their own behavior and release and heal it.

Many children grow into adults who have given their power away to their parent/parents. This is not to say every family has these type relationships, but believe me, most do.

Affirmation: I choose to take all my power back from my parents to whom I gave it away to in childhood. 5x

For those of you with back issues, especially lumbar and sacral issues, all the energy of having given your power away to your parent/parents sits there as the foundation. The roots are low spine and upwards. Stating that affirmation will help you begin releasing the energy called… a child I was giving away my own power to my parent/parents who had issues with their own self esteem which caused them to own, control, and manipulate me. Parental possession of their children – owning and controlling them into adulthood and throughout life interferes in the natural order of life and must be healed. If you recognize yourself here, contact me to book your 1st intuitive energy healing session to heal yourself and call your power back to you.

Next up, have you given your power away to ideology? What have you been taught by other people that you would call ideology – ideas coming from another that border on brainwashing? We have, alive and well in this day and age, religious zealots who preach their ideology about how “God” thinks. We have school systems funded to teach ideology about health, wellness, healing, etc., called medical school. These 2 areas in particular need further research to discover their origins and who profits the most from false ideology. Whenever you allow yourself to be indoctrinated by false – there will always come a time in your life where a checkpoint will be created for you to learn that false and true are not the same. All that is false is now and will continue to be exposed to the general public. Some of us create individual situations to bring our conscious awareness to the truth, which means both religion and medical is fraught with false doctrine. Let’s use our fictitious client Betty for an example of a medical ideology she created in order to clarify for her….false from true.

Betty’s 1st session with me entailed her very long list of health issues – all physical. I discussed with Betty the fact that our physical body was created exactly the same – it’s a vessel to hold your soul while you are alive. The physical body has it’s own innate intelligence and does communicate with us, called physical symptoms. All physical symptoms are coming from our intelligent self – telling you there is something you need to heal and release at the root level. Once you do, the physical symptom will dissolve back to nothing. Betty was enthralled upon hearing this, saying no one had ever spoken to her like this before. It’s real simple, we are very powerful intelligent and sophisticated human beings whose time has come to heal collectively.

Betty’s most pressing chronic physical symptom was GERD…gastroesophageal reflux. Betty was having trouble swallowing, keeping food down, and living with constant burning pain up and down her esophagus, sometimes throwing up inside her own mouth. Betty was embarrassed to go out to eat with family or friends and declined social invites to dine out.

Once I connected to Betty’s subconscious during her session, her subconscious indicated she had been a nurse in her past life. Betty’s subconscious indicated her soul attended traditional medical school where she was falsely indoctrinated that the physical body was parts and each part was corrected by traditional medicine. No alternatives allowed and really no nutrition was taught. We released Betty’s past life death from within her esophagus area, called phantom past life death energy. In her last lifetime as a nurse, Betty’s soul went above and beyond her traditional medical training from medical school because every patient, to her, should be healed. Betty’s soul began to introduce what we now call Reiki treatments bedside in that past life and once she was caught doing that she was terminated from her job. Back in those days, alternative healing was strictly forbidden. After being fired from her job Betty’s soul never went back to healing of any kind because healing was not what she was supposed to do. Her soul had been trained to follow cirriculum/procedure and that does not include getting to the root of the issue. Upon her death in that past life, Betty’s soul made a vow to return and heal other human beings, especially those patients from that past life who had passed away under her care. Betty is currently a Reiki Master/Teacher as well as a certified Yoga instructor and Doula. Betty fulfilled her vow, which is a solemn promise, to return and heal other human beings in her current lifetime, however, her physical body was inundated with physical symptoms all relating back to her past life as a nurse. The esophageal reflux, burning, and pain was the energy of her past life death and thinking she failed to heal her patients which brings in guilt energy. Guilt energy can cause burning anywhere inside the physical body. Are you having similar symptoms? Betty is just an example, not a blanket statement for every GERD sufferer. My intent with this article is to raise your conscious awareness of how you work, how all human beings work, because at the end of the day we are all here to heal ourselves and love ourselves and each other.

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