How To Remain Inside Peace During Times Of Fear

Wow this pandemic sure is creating a global mind fuck. How are we supposed to know what’s true or not? Never in my life have I seen the Earth so close to a complete shutdown. This is causing human beings to show up inside the present moment. When your soul is within a past life or elsewhere, you are not 100% inside the present moment. This terror sweeping the globe is forcing humanity en masse into the present moment, and many people are not liking it, i.e. in fear.

Here are some affirmations to help those of you struggling with panic, anxiety, fear, and terror over being inside the present moment:

Affirmation: I choose to release my past – all of it. 5x

Affirmation: I can release everything not of myself. 5x

Affirmation: I have released my past and remain inside the present moment where light reaches me. 5x

For those of you aware of what’s happening globally and sit on the cusp of entering into panic and anxiety states, here is an affirmation for you:

Affirmation: I have chosen to experience terror for the very last time which catapults me into the present moment. I have chosen to release my past and remain inside the present moment of now, because this is where I Am. 5x

For those of you who are okay but feel a slight edge to life now, here are your affirmations:

Affirmation: I choose life and living, over my mind. 5x

Affirmation: I can release all pain and be. 5x

Affirmation: I have elected to live and thrive as one. 5x

Take one day, one moment at a time. Take your power back from fear and terror. Take note of how you feel going forward. If your mind tells you things to terrify you, book a session and release whatever is causing you to give your power away. As always – individually & collectively, because we are all one – we all are creating our reality. Let’s create a reality based on love.

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