How To Kickstart A Willingness To Self Heal

All of us incarnate into life carrying forward baggage from past lives. We have been subconsciously programmed to think we are “one and done”, therefore no one takes responsibility at a soul level for their own baggage. People become overwhelmed by their baggage and then project it outward. We can see this phenomenon worldwide in this current day and age – from everyone from all walks of life. The danger in unabated outward projection – is annihilation of self. Therefore, this newsletter seeks to shed awareness on having to accept responsibility for yourself, which is the foundation to being willing. Being willing is crucial to be able to self heal. Let’s use this example of our favorite benevolent fictional client named Betty.

Betty had a Chakra Assessment and Recommendation session with me remotely via email. She read her email results from this Assessment and began getting very angry. Her Crown Chakra was fully closed, containing within it images (snapshots in time) stored within her Crown Chakra and subconscious mind, of a past life as a healer who was removed from life by force by what her subconscious labelled as: Roman soldiers. There are beings occupying this planet with us who do not know right from wrong. Killing other people based on orders from your government, regardless of where you live, is wrong. I will not go any deeper with that statement. Suffice it to say – Betty’s subconscious stated that she held high levels of hate towards men, i.e. Roman soldiers. According to Betty’s subconscious, her past life was lived as a modern-day herbalist, someone who healed/cured others using plants. This is no longer allowed by world governments. Curing is a very dangerous field to be in – back then and today. Therefore, many herbalists remain living on this Earth today with a Crown Chakra fully shut (like Betty), due to past life experiences with soldiers tasked with the physical removal of healers. The removing of healers was part of the history of our planet Earth we call – 500 years of the Inquisition. These type experiences of forced removal from life cause us to begin thinking thoughts of hatred. Everything we create is for a reason. According to Betty’s subconscious, she created a past life wherein she was an herbalist-type healer who was killed by Rome because she cured people. Betty’s subconscious advised that many souls (healers in particular), created this type of an experience in order to gird themselves for another round of the same recycled scenario on Earth, towards the end of the timeline called – forced coercion. As human beings continue waking up on a daily basis to all forms of explicit, in your face, forced coercion – they will be able to fight back enmasse. The weapon used this time will be successful, cannot be halted because the timeline has already played out elsewhere, and stops all forced coercion dead in its tracks. The weapon of choice is self awareness. Again, as more people contact intuitive energy healers to self heal, many will become self aware. Self awareness means you know who and what you truly are – and your energy grows exponentially strong – strong enough to take on and remove all forced coercion. We are alive now during this time. People enmasse are beginning to take responsibility for themselves and their lives, just like Betty.

Contact an intuitive energy healer today and take responsibility for all baggage you have carried into your current life, that you project outward every minute of every day. If each person on this planet took responsibility – forced coercion would dissolve to nothingness.

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