For so many human beings, the physical body is a huge challenge to maintain in health. For those of us struggling with disease, chronic conditions, ill health, etc., – What modality of complete and total healing are you subscribing to?

As more and more people become disillusioned with our current healthcare system – replete with profits as the #1 driving factor regardless of your personal “health” or “care” – many are turning to what is labeled as alternative and holistic treatments. Many times I have utilized alternative physical treatments – such as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, yoga, etc, and have felt 100% better. But what about utilizing energy healing for the physical body? Have you tried it? Has your doctor been trained in medical school to tell you how the physical body is connected to your energy body? Probably not, because obviously it’s not part of the cirriculum. Let’s look at how energy healing works in conjunction with the physical body.

First off, you must know your entire being is more than just your physical body. The physical body is the vehicle your soul sits inside of while you are alive on the Earth. Your physical body is then encased in/surrounded by your energy body. When you desire true healing – complete dissolving of physical symptoms – you must begin with the outer layer of you, which is your energy body.

Contained within your energy body may be trapped emotions, negative energy cords attached to you, past life memories/experiences, feelings of self hatred, experiences of trauma, feeling lost and not living inside the present moment, and much much more. Whatever sits inside your energy body must be identified and released. These examples and more play out as some form of repeating loop. Are you repeating on a loop, situations where you are the victim and someone else hurt you? Are you creating one physical symptom after another?

Energy will affect you eventually if ignored. We often hear of what people describe as a wake up call coming in the form of a physical diagnosis. Know that all physical symptoms in the physical body are the same thing as your cellphone ringing. When you hear your cellphone ringing, you know there is someone on the other end who is looking to communicate something to you. When you have a physical symptom, disease, or illness – your physical body is calling you, asking you to go within. Going within requires having a deep connection to a good sense of self. A good sense of self is will. People can have a will of iron but when it comes to healing themselves, they have no will at all. A healthy will falls somewhere between having one of iron or none at all. Suffering is caused by a refusal to participate. A refusal to participate means ignoring how you operate. How you and I and everyone else here on Earth operates is this – Energy stored within your energy body, if left unhealed, penetrates into your physical body as symptoms, illness, disease. Your physical body literally calls you and asks you to go within to heal the issue at the root level. Once you do, you begin to release the energy first. As the energy shifts and releases, the physical body has its own innate intelligence and begins healing itself.

Healing the physical body requires integration with other healing modalities – primarily energy healing. Allow yourself to partake in whole wellness and complete healing via intuitive energy healing sessions.

Affirmation: I choose to heal fully. 5x

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