The holidays are upon us and many clients contact me at this time seeking spur of the moment sessions, meaning it’s a busy time. What causes this uptick during the holidays of those seeking healing? Pain.

Oftentimes we go through life asleep. We are not awake in our own lives. Sounds so silly, right? You wake up every day, go to work, care for your family, run errands, meet friends, etc, etc. So how are you not awake? Technically I do not mean you are in bed asleep – I mean you are asleep in your own life because you are not consciously aware of quite a bit. Today’s Newsletter will highlight 3 areas where most of humanity is asleep within their own lives.

#1) Pain. The holidays are such painful times for many people, which is sad because the real reason we celebrate holidays is for the connection they represent – connection to each other. I say it time and time again to my clients…..Living on the Earth is a choice we all make to learn and master life lessons that each one of us agrees upon/sets up while we are in heaven awaiting a physical body to enter. The life lessons we each agree to learn/go through, require the assistance of other souls – called soul family, which sometimes becomes our biological family, family through adoption, and family via marriage. Often our life lessons encompass large doses of pain. Human beings seem to only respond to pain. Unfortunately most people look to the soul family member bringing up/acting out/creating their portion of the soul agreement – with disdain. This is an example of being asleep within your own life. You are a very powerful creator. Pain is a motivator of human beings. Souls agree to learn lessons and assist one another by creating pain. Waking up from slumber is agreeing that regardless of what “happens” in your life – you are the very powerful creator of it – all of it. Here is a simple affirmation to state to get the ball rolling:

Affirmation: I choose to release my ego mind. 5x

The ego is the false self that tells you lies about yourself and your life. Release it fully and wake up from sleeping through your own life. Each of you are here with purposes/missions having to do with the betterment of life here on Earth. Reclaim your power by releasing your ego.

#2) Number two is relinquishing your power to another. This is very common within families. If someone makes you feel guilty – guess what…..that is your cue that you have given your power away to this person/other people. It’s time to call your power back. Many people suffer under the weight of guilt during the holidays. If anyone in your family is “making” you feel guilty – that is your cue that they are serving you a truth. Do not get angry. Wake up and call your power back from that person/people. All you have to do is become aware that you have given your power away. Why you have done that is definitely cause for an intuitive energy healing session. In the meantime, here is an affirmation to begin calling your power back:

Affirmation: I choose to call all my power back from __________(fill in the blank with the person’s 1st name. Repeat as needed.)

#3) Feeling overwhelmed. So many of us work, have families to take care of, homes that need tending to, errands, cooking, and on and on. Add the stress of holiday shopping for gifts (especially for the hard one(s) to shop for who seem to have it all), decorating your home inside and outside, etc. The key here is to slow down. Clients will say – well if I slow down, nothing will get done! I get that mindset but the truth is, when you slow down your experiences in life become more meaningful. Add in a nice walk in the crisp air, a yoga session, a massage, anything that relaxes the nervous system rather than stimulates it – is essential.

Affirmation: I choose to savor life. 5x

To all my clients past and present – Thank you for sharing your healing journey with me – I appreciate you all. Wishing you all very Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!!

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